Влияние веществ на картину мира и Я-концепцию человека


Substances that affect the state of consciousness, from alcohol to heroin and spice, in one form or another is accepted by man since ancient times. Great natural selection dependent. Survive in the end those who completely abandoned the artificial pleasure.

what the devil's the attractiveness of substances that change the state of consciousness?

picture of the world under the influence of substances is expanding. The man admits, and under certain drugs even sees, hears, and feels sure that he almost can't perceive sober. At least it rasplachivaetsya imagination. After the termination of the substance view of the world, of course, narrows again, and from a lack of natural endorphins – might even be narrower than in a normal sober state. The world of the addict/alcoholic clean and sober gray and boring, life becomes uninteresting.

self-concept under the influence of substances are also expanding. The person is ready to recognize oneself and others, and weakness and power, it becomes every, allow yourself feelings stilted and grotesque behavior. Of course, in this case, he relaxed and even artistic. At least with him, drunk point of view. When there is a break in the reception, and substances in the blood no, the man is getting clamped, tied up, he disappears and a voice all his own I goes deep inside.

All of these "extensions" are observed in the beginning of the reception. Gradually the psi-effects are reduced, and then completely disappear. The world is much more grey than it was before use. And the substance itself has to make, not to die.

Here is one of the typical examples of the consequences from the use of substances. On the advice came a thirty-year man with signs of infantilism, complains of shyness, the inability to control subordinates, that is numb, dumb... the fact that he had completely disappeared, resourcefulness, and got social phobia. After hours of questioning, and a discussion of the merits of various psychological techniques, like training, communication skills or public speaking, seeing the distrust of the psychologist, the client finally admitted that she led a wild lifestyle of booze and took in clubs hashish and other stuff.

- you Have now the psychological withdrawal in case of lack of endorphins, which the body ceased to develop itself, - explains psychologist.

- what you need to fully eliminate effects of reception, - with alarm he asks.

- How much time is consumed?

Three years.

- to learn how to enjoy life in pure consciousness, it is necessary for another three years.

- that's crazy!

- And what you thought when you were using?

How harmful the habit of accumulating, the same time the need to replace other, more healthy skill. Rebuilds not only the mind but also the metabolism. Including metabolism brain.

to re-learn how to get pleasure from the body will help qigong yoga, martial arts, other areas of physical culture. The pleasure of communication and interaction with people will help acting practices. Discover a new, sober, and even grow as a person – allows writing therapy and appropriate written practice. They act as a catalyst for synthesizing the entire process of getting rid of the dependencies.

the Point of no return at everyone. From one dependent relatives refused, the other "pierce" the apartment and disappear somewhere, the third failing cardiovascular or other important systems of the body. The loss of a human I also can be a point of no return.

Well, until the last line fails – there is a chance!

Litvin Eugene

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