Управление эмоциями или хочу быть в реальности!


it so Happens that people cannot cope with the emotions.

in Other words, the person of the adult, the steady state falls in children: is offended, cries, feels guilt, shame, loneliness, rejection, etc.

Sometimes people are not aware of that "failed" in the children's condition, he feels that he's all like, for example, to blame-to blame.

Sometimes understands more about ourselves and desperately wants to get out.

In any case, "failure" in the children's condition is a departure from reality.

Human reason-that is scary inside of it, although the objective reasons do not exist-the tiger next to no...

In this article I propose a technique to return to "myself" or otherwise - in reality.

They are for those who want to be in the "here and now". Be sustained.

for Example, I suggest using some of these techniques before or during an important emotional conversation, meetings, exams, etc., Or when someone is freaking out and you feel irritation or even anger.

the first time you will need to train. But such training at some point will be repaid with interest of your resistance!

1. Five sounds. Suitable for premises not overloaded with sounds. Looking for five more subtle sounds. For example, a clock ticking, water drops, etc to Train better at home before going to sleep.

  • Five objects. Find and touch 5 different feel. For example, glass, carpet, leather, laminate, plastic.
  • 3. Remember, taking a minute, what was I doing yesterday at this time. We planned to do in three hours.

  • Find on the body is something that belongs only to me, for example, a scar, a mole, one finger shorter than the other, something else. To realize that I-it is I. Touch, feel.
  • Diaphragmatic breathing.

    Another important step to manage yourself - managing your breathing.

    This is the first step to self-control.


    to Take a chair with a stable back. Sit up straight, feel the ischium, and spread them on the seat; the shoulder blade to the back. Feet placed on the floor, to feel their strength. Imagine as if you go through the core, strong, reliable, help us to be sustainable.

    Put your hand on your stomach. To imagine that there is a rubber ball (balloon). It is necessary to inflate so that the palm rose and fell.

    If you cannot, first try lying down, so can be seen lifting the abdomen.

    Try to breathe "belly" – tripping the abdominal muscles so that your chest was motionless.

    followed by a long exhale. Exhale done, like, back.

    now, breath fast enough, exhale more slowly.

    the way to do it in a minute or two to start. Then you can up to five minutes, but no more. The criterion that turned out and it was time to finish-it is light-headed.

    to learn how to breathe correctly, to adjust, to make the breath part of the permanent care yourself, you have to train 2 times a day.

    you Can do before going to sleep lying down (helps with sleep disorders). And by excitement, tension, anxiety, fear, panic, tears; any extreme feelings. When to be serious, to listen carefully.


    Imagine that you have no stomach, and a balloon. first, it's small, and then begins to grow – grow – grow (stomach inflate, stick out), and then as a burst (exhale, clap their hands).

    in summary I would say that in reality should go through the senses.

    to Smell the flowers, spices (with identifying smells), through sight, hearing, touch and breath. Actually about all what has been said above.

    in reality, escape to reality, to stay and live in it-it is, relatively speaking, a skill which is acquired in therapy.

    including with the help of a technician, whom I today share with you!

    good luck and all the best!

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