Власть, долг, ответственность...и любовь


I often think about who this woman is, and how to live and be in the situation of our civilization. About who such a man, and how he implemented and remain a man in the same conditions. Everything is so messed up. Women augustulus, doing too much of both female and male functions, and it's sad. Because the quality of the result suffers, the woman suffers, and the man beside her (mind you, not the woman beside the man, and the man next to the woman - has now become so) ceases to be a man. This worm struck not all and not all relationships, but the General picture is evident.

Now very strange to think that women should be "barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen", and man is master in his house, the one who decides who governs all the members of the family who earns the money and organize everything for the life of his family. It is hard to imagine that I must follow all instructions of the husband and consider it my duty first of all to God. What about my desires, my opinions, my needs? What if he is wrong, who besides me, his put into place, my man?

this is something I wrestle with: how to be a woman, not to take on too much when it turns out so easy and naturally? And not to put myself at the mercy of the tyrant, which is suddenly something not so will decide? For me.

I thought that the trend of Augustine women went with vreneni, when did the feminist movement for equality, not so long ago, 19 - 20th century. And then fixed after the First and Second World Wars, when men were too few, and women just had to take a lot.

But here is an excerpt from the book F. Gregory's "Earthly joys", written about events in England in the first half of the 17th century. In this country, after two generations of inept and stupid management (Jacob and Charles) gained momentum Protestant religion, where people, among other things, thinking about the equality of people before God, whether a king you a peasant or a woman. This is a conversation of husband and wife:

" You're my wife, ' he said, his voice flat. - You must follow me wherever I went. Obey me.

Jane shook your head.

- I have to obey you just as you are obliged to obey the father and he is the king. If you cut one link, the whole chain falls apart. Once you reject the FILIAL duty, I, as a wife is not obliged to obey you as my husband.

- what we all become? - Jay sighed. - Everyone rushes like a whirlwind, unrelated, without love, everything will disintegrate into atoms. Will be fluff from a dandelion flying in the wind.

- If you listen to your conscience and only her, then so be it, ' said Jane. - If everyone relied only on his conscience, and would obyedinenie only when it suits them.

- But society can't live, ' said Jay.

And the family also can not retorted Jane.

- once you fall in love as soon as you have a child, you admit that it is your duty to think first about the needs of others, those who depend on you.

Her husband hesitated, and she continued:

- Well, the other way is to live like a king. Just one that you so despise. When people first puts his own whims and needs. And while I am sure that his aspirations are of a Supreme value.

But I follow the dictates of his own conscience! protested Jay.

- the King can say the same, ' smiled Jane. - If you are a king, then your wishes very easily can be called "conscience," and thus nobody will dare to remind you, what is your duty.

- And what do I do? - asked Jay. - Advise too, just beginning.

- Choose the middle between duty and desire."

so everything seems to have started. And up to the present time, when society indiwidualiziruyutza, preached a healthy ego, and keeping track of their needs and desires. But, it seems to me that everything is a little distorted, because nothing wrong with individualization there, only we and ordinary people to adjust themselves and their facilities. As soon as the man began to deny that God is first, then the one who has Supreme power (king, Emperor, etc.), then the man, woman, and children. When it all messed up. Because the exploded chain. If my Lord does not perform his duty to those who owe, then why should I read and listen to? If I command the detriment of me and the good himself, then why do it?

the Personality, needs, desires, feelings good and useful by themselves. But not when they become paramount when their service is all the environment, all life. Because there are such concepts as duty, responsibility, obligation. And only the balance of these things can make a man happy, satisfied. Him and his family.

I have always resented this Bible reads that man is primary and woman, you see, descended from him, and then secondary. I was always looking for proof that the opposite is true, or at least the man and woman are equal. Now suddenly realized that there is not searched.

it's not obedience, rather it is only one side, or even a consequence. There is another side, there is something more primary.

the Other side of the subordination to somebody's power. The power of men, the power of the king, the power of God. Only if you understand the power is not actually enslaving someone, not blind obedience to someone (and this is what POPs into my head immediately, that is tightly associated with the government). The power - responsibility. Power implies responsibility for the welfare of the people entrusted to you, family, if you will. Do not subject your needs and desires, and the opposite is true.

Responsibility for the welfare of those who trusts you, who is weaker than you. As well as parental authority. If the mother commands the child to pursue their interests - is strongly condemned in our society, even now. If they prudently manages more referring to his interests, caring about his well-being, growth, development and safety is approved. I'm responsible for their children. And it is power. Exactly, I'll decide what to wear, how to feed, how to educate. And I think first of all that the native baby was all good. And are very excited when they realize that not really fulfill their parental obligations, abuse of parental power that they begin to presledovat their interests, not the interests of the child.

If we thought so, worrying, thinking the one who stands above and has power over us, then , it acquires an entirely different connotation. If I run reasonably, based on my interests and well being, then I am ready to obey this man. Ready to make him Lord in our family. Ready to trust, ready to respect his decisions.

that's "if". I'm sorry that the concept of power so long perverted for centuries and centuries. What obey someone simply dangerous to life. Everything is messed up such simple links in a chain are broken, and women only have to take on too much, and men to feel their worthlessness and humiliation. Or violently fight for power with their loved ones. Harmony and natural order of things broken. What does the woman responsible for the man. How they behave, and build their lives and relationships.

the Man is the stronger sex, a lot of knowledgeable and knows how a woman is weak, but not in the sense that worse, it's a second-rate, primitive, stupid, etc., but only in the sense that she did not need to do and know what makes a man, what she needs to do typically female things, and not to poke his nose into purely male territory. And then the woman is released, she skipped forward, taking care of her with respect because she has her own work, with which men cannot cope. For example, to give life. Only by acknowledging their feminine nature, different from that of men, a woman can be exalted, as it deserves. And then the concept of "the weaker sex" takes on an entirely different meaning: we are the ones who should be protected who should take care of, otherwise who will make us one of the most important work on earth - the birth of children? The man gives the seed and then cares for and protects the one that chose to nurture it. To take care of her, take care of the life around her, for the welfare of their offspring, for the benefit of them. He takes responsibility, because who besides him? A woman can not immediately perform two works - the quality suffers.

But now another reality. As in this poem:

Yevgeny Yevtushenko
M. V.
She said, "He's already asleep,"
zadernuv curtain over the crib son
and the overhead light it was extinguished,
and, cowering, Bathrobe fell on the chair.
We didn't talk to her about love.
She whispered something, a little Lisp,
the sound "R" as a grape, rolling
for the white picket fence of teeth.
"you know: I did spit a long time
on his life. And suddenly so stun!
Man in a skirt. A dray horse.
And suddenly - I'm back. Funny?"
to Be thankful - it was My duty.
Seeking protection in the defenceless body.
I dig, zavladenii like a wolf,
trusting the snow in her bed.
But, as the cub is hunted, alone,
she tears my cheeks obatala,
and that she's grateful,
I shame icy burn.
I used to surround it by a blockade of rhymes,
lost, turning pale, blushing,
but a woman! me! thanks!
for what I am! man! gentle with her!
How to succeed in the world could?
Forgetting the meaning of its root cause,
we woman shifted. We
humiliated to equality with man.
Some interesting companies stage
treacherously prepared for centuries:
men become like women,
and women almost men.
Oh God, the crease of her shoulder.
I had a dent in the fingers of the hungry and bare,
and as the eyes of unknown sex
transformed into a female screaming!
Then their gloom have polusavan.
They were flickering candles...a quiet
How little is necessary to the woman - my God! -
to her the woman believed. 1968

Umanova Catherine

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