Влечение к смерти – зачем оно?


According to psychoanalytic theory, the human movement trajectory of life is guided by two conflicting forces - Libido and Mortido.

Libido is the desire for life, life force, is the very manifestation of life, the existence of life in space and in time.

Mortido is the power limiting of libido that ensures the finiteness of life, the death drive as the primary static state, the state of nothingness from which it was withdrawn alive at the time in a state of being.

our Whole life is, in fact, a dance, a tango of the two drives, their interweaving, interaction, binding and loosing.

Libido is powered by three powers – the power to shape and to feel affection, the ability to experience and realize sex drive and the ability to play, creativity, creativity. On an emotional level we feel it as happiness, curiosity, excitement, freedom. Corporal – as a burst of energy, enjoy your body, movement and being.

Mortido consists of aggression (impulse to attack or flee) and separation panic. Separation panic is the terror that seizes us when a disconnection that was experienced as sensemaking. We are experiencing emotional pain, despair, anger. The body responds sharp pain in his chest, like kick, inability to breathe, nausea, weakness, muscle spasms.

it Turns out that Libido is the power of communication, affection, and Mortido – force rupture. It is noteworthy that both of these drives include the instincts of self-preservation and procreation, in the form of implemented protective aggression and sexuality. That is, both of these attraction is vital and vital.

that is, the death drive, Mortido – it becomes an attraction in it to the death – only at the very end of life when a person comes to leave. And yet life goes on, Mortido works like a attraction to disconnection, maintenance, separation. Because the breaks required in the development process, albeit a painful one. It all starts with the rupture of the umbilical cord, when undisturbed intrauterine life, you have to go to neonatal. Then you have to go from mom to kindergarten – his first society. Then in school and then has to be for adults, experiencing adolescent separation from parents. And parents have to let children on and on, surviving the pain of the inevitable breakup of parent-child relationships. And so on... in adult life we may find ourselves in relationships that hurt us, stifle, hinder development. And then need to break this attachment manifests itself with pain and fear – separation panic. First and foremost is the relationship with the dead, which should be let go, to bury them. Or relationship with the living, whom outdated, faded.

Apparently, Mortido gaining momentum when it comes time, where did that leave someone go, but to do is very scary. Habit, fear of the unknown, lack of confidence in their own strength... And the instinct of death is included to tell the person – Hey! You're here to die, Tear the cord escaping! We need to move forward.

Desire, emotions, bodily experiences can weave in a fancy ball and then very difficult to understand what's going on with you. And then you should see a specialist, a shrink, who painstakingly unravel the tangle of your feelings will help to get out of their troubles into the light.

Gunnar Tatiana

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