Виновата ли Снежная Королева?


whether to Blame the snow Queen?

Angry and cold, gorgeous and attractive in its icy beauty of the snow Queen took and froze the "poor" Kai...

But is it really?

Kai and Gerda immediately regarded the tale as an established couple – they are summer and winter, on the bridge between the attic, where there were roses in the yard, near the fireplace in the winter – always together. They make friends, communicate, listen to stories Gardini grandmother, who apparently was watching over them. Their childhood is rosy and it seems that it always will be.

But time passes. And Andersen, as any man, knowing with whom it will all change, at the beginning of the tale has prepared us to the fact that the Troll made the mirror, his disciples that mirror broke and the shards scattered across the Earth. Someone will get a splinter the eye begins to see everything distorted and ugly, as if a splinter penetrates to the heart becomes cruel and cold."That's why" (similar to "the Devil made me"), and not for any other reason... Kai changed his behavior: he became rude, started to Gerda to find fault and ugliness, began to be rude to the grandmother who tried to return the behavior to normal, and started yelling in the yard with the boys much more interesting than Gerda. Of course, now with the boys you can discuss taboo topics, pokapriznichat, tell jokes with swearing and so on. Nothing like?

Kai began his journey to adult male life. It began to disturb his instinct. He began to call him to adventure and "promised" a bright and unexplored feelings. And Kai, driven by a vague desire and awakening passion, rushed away from the usual and began to make "exploits" - popped up with his sled on the road, tied them to a huge sleigh, from which smiled the amazing beauty of the status of woman, "the Queen". Communicating with someone he was not. Kai suffered... He forgot not only about Gerda, but also about their relatives and friends.

And what about Gerda? And although, like any woman, you first wait, and then came up with a "rescue operation", although neither Kai, nor his family, nor anyone else it didn't ask for.

Gerda beginning your is the path to the adult female life. And her instinct told her to hold on and keep that passion, nothing had, but it was the lasting affection and gave the feeling that it will always be, and therefore a sense of security.

And note about the exploits of Kai is nothing told (said only that he didn't put the word ETERNITY), and the exploits of Gerda for love is a fairy tale.

During the course of your adventures Gerda learned that life in the illusion leads to the fact that you're missing the time and events of the present, real life (a garden of a good witch) that their relationship with Kai was childish (the images of little Prince and Princess, who played in the marriage), she became known the depths of selfishness and sado-masochism (the image of a little robber, who loved his mother and animals and as much tortured). And finally, she got acquainted with Anime - female power and wisdom (in the images of Lapland and Fink, which in inhuman conditions, cold weather and blizzards, remained friendly, sympathetic and able to care).

And if the first tales Gerda was afraid of the Snow Queen, but now, as an adult, and feeling feminine, attractive and sexy, she could fight with her, and moreover – to win.

And now, Kai and Gerda together again. Each of them had its own path of maturation in their own way.

On the street in spring, everything blooms, nature begins a new cycle, Gerda and Kai also begin a new cycle of relations, but to turn higher. And now everything seems to be fine, but...

End of the spring, pass the summer, comes autumn, and behind it again come winter. And who knows how many times Gerda will pull Kai from the Palace of the Snow Queen next.

gayvoronskaya, Elena

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