Верните мужа! Или дайте рецепт.


This article trying to recruit already for the third time ... If something prevents to outline what I want to say a fight... Then something will click and the text disappears, then is distracted by a phone call and the letter have already been printed during my absence on the site, become invisible(

How is it symbolic, I think, as was his habit psychologist working in an analytical direction to find all the symbolism and synchronicity))

But this still is something there ...

That's the same sometimes in the office, there is a dialogue with the client. It's like there is some progress and it's come to something very important that will help to go further...But includes the resistance and a man "takes" in "side", making manifest what may though to save, but also to bring emotional pain.

Not wanting to touch something very painful but buried deep inside, people came for help to a psychologist makes again the same initial "straightforward" request.

for Example like this: "Give me back my husband! That is, tell me what I specifically need to do to come back? You're a psychologist, You should know..."

"save this, enchant, conjure!" the translation I hear them... almost a requirement.

At the first meeting explain that I have no "magic potion" and there is no such recipe, which is painted beverage ingredients that help to return the men home... But the therapy, the ward to a specialist, zanimayushimsya psychology, as the beginning of the magic that is happening here in the office...

If a person is willing to learn, self-knowledge and "about me", if you are ready to go to its roots, to the origins of the collective, finding there individual if you can be honest with myself and others "inside" , that change is inevitable.

Dreams will be to send messages, spinning colorful stories, in fairy tales the truth is revealed, in the ancient myths see your own fate...

the Magic that was expected to happen, but he needs to see he needs help to happen.

Give the opportunity to yourself, time, space, us in the end.

Maybe her husband.

And who knows what will happen then...

the Magic - one word)

Nazarov Jeanne

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