Вербовка клиента в НЛП


How is the recruitment of customer with the help of NLP techniques?

the Client ask the original questions: name, age, education, profession, marital status, Hobbies, position in society, in social networks. Then comes the next questions, which focused on the emotional side of the client's life: its goals, objectives, priorities in life, its purpose and mission, their dreams and wishes. Namely: What he wants his life? That his life should be? If he was happy with his life? He wants to add? These issues include the client to the recruiter, reveal its mysteries and secrets. Thus built trust between the two sides. The next task of recruitment is to give the client an important task and timeline for its implementation. This is reinforced by the word (an anchor) a reminder of the rewards that the client will receive in case of successful task performance. The job requires some ingenuity and ingenuity from the customer. It is of interest. After summarizing the client is signing the contract. And with that contract, people read carelessly, not taking into account the small text at the end of the document. Thereby, they sign to themselves a sentence of life business commitment to a particular organization, the recruiter. Further, he will not escape. And the jobs act more and more difficult.

Promised great benefits to the client who has already reached the standard, warmed-up, dreams of Paradise, cloudless life, recruiters give him to understand that turning back is no more. Being in a trance, having received some bonuses from the organization, he agrees to all the conditions, and myself, in good faith, puts the chain. He already sees himself and his family happy. He already sees himself in a luxurious mansion, a cool car with a huge wad of bills in his pocket and safes. Rose-colored glasses fall off very fast as soon as the matter concerns the safety of his loved ones. Here, the client understands that it is already being blackmailed. Disabled at the time his mind probably with the help of hypnosis, an alarm is: SOS! Reality is coming close, and before his eyes start spinning pictures the subsequent events of his life.

Today, NLP techniques are used not only by psychotherapists or coaches, the trainers. Today, this teaching and others that are dangerous to our society. Direct impact on the entity allows you to manipulate the man, and affect his psyche that he is ready to even go on the offense. For the purposes of recruitment, job vacancies on the Internet sites, organizations offer people a good, creative, stable, high-paying jobs. What's behind all this? Perhaps, terrorism. List the ways of recruitment: social networks, schools and universities, sports , the nationalist organization, and more.

among young people Why so many victims of the terrorist groups?

1. low self-esteem (the target for the recruiter); 2. dependence on the opinion of others; 3. problems in the family; 4. strong need to restore justice in the world; 5. the feeling of being lost and lonely;

All of these feelings and States can survive and adults unstable, post-war, stress, and other negative events in their lives. Be careful, please!

Yuliya Vadimovna

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