Ужин при свечах.


each of us has its own history of romantic candlelit dinner. Flickering fire attracts our attention, the air is filled with romance and magic, something exciting and mysterious in the air.

I Wonder why we in the future, refuse the magical influence of fire in our relationship? Why we rarely put on the table candles, and a dinner turns into a process of "eating" food? The couple rarely speak to each other during dinner. If you're talking to, often about children, about issues but not about each other.

One couple once asked: "how is it, to talk to each other? We usually discuss problems, difficulties, work issues, our conflicts. But we don't talk about each other. It is not clear how it is?"

Not everyone of us will remember when this was a turning point in the relationship when each family member to "bury" their problems when family and friends started to drift apart from each other. It is time that is not before the candles and not to romanticism in the relations. Not always forces suffice to talk. All on the run, quickly, and maybe Vice versa as sluggish and pessimistic. One of the spouses falls into depression and someone fatefully "toils" for two. The kids are completely out of hand, the house hovers chaos, agitation and tension. What is the romanticism in this? Are you talking about? What kind of spark? Only memories and nothing more.

do not remember where I read this story. One psychoanalyst, in private conversation, a friend told me that she and her husband were quite strangers. Everyone lives in his own world, and she doesn't know what to do. He said it every day at home lit a candle. She was surprised, why would she do that? He only replied that the house was always fire, and then she will understand. A few months later they met, and she told me that in their house it is happiness and grace, romanticism and intimacy.

Remember the story about the homemaker. Remember, our grandmothers (great-grandmothers) was "red corner"? And there is also always burning a candle. I remember the wedding ceremony, when the young are holding a lighted candle. The image of a candle, warmth, comfort, intimacy, grace is important in our homes. It's not only about comfort, or about the romanticism is something more, is very important for our family relationships.

I Wish You, to Your homes, there was a time and place for the lighting of the candles.

And let the warm fire of Your love thrives in Your home!


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