Упражнение с метафористическими картами "Необитаемый остров"


I Want to share an exercise using metapolitefsi associative maps, which are used in their work with clients.

we Offer the client to choose in an open 5-7 cards from the deck the Person. Then we inform you that it so happened that this group of people in this part accidentally as a result of the collapse of the liner on a desert island...

Ask the client to tell me someone's name, how many years each, to describe the occupation of each character, to describe it. One of them is a man? Everyone who is waiting on the mainland? br>
Offer him to invent a story: where they were headed, for what purpose...

And then begin to play the story of their stay on a desert island. Ask who is becoming a leader in the group? Who will be his assistant? And who will confront the leader? And every time please explain, why?

the situation Unfolding relations. Who is the strongest? Who is the weakest? My client asked: "And what are these qualities?" Do not explain, it is important that the client has strength and weakness. It is important to note that it is important in these categories.

Then expand the pattern of their survival on this island. Who what job he would choose in these circumstances? To deploy the pattern, and then monitoring their behavior, we offer some of the situations, for example, has a sick leader...or someone found a stash...or a sudden love any of them...or something custom...

will they be Able to survive on this desert island?

we Offer you to come up with the rest of the story...

Then turn to the customer with questions relating directly to it. Who would like to learn and why?
And if he was in a similar situation, to whom would it be like?
who would not want to be like?
who would like to be like?

And some of these people could easily solve the problem of the client?
would Like to receive help, hint support?

this exercise allows the client to look at ourselves. He chooses to open 5-7 cards, for some reason, it hooked. And begins to analyze them. This is a different part of himself. This exercise reveals not only the projection of the client, it gets the resource from the integration of all parts together. It's different at different moments and at the same time, and it can be so and be comfortable with that.
He gets the resource from finding solutions in difficult situations fictional, and then will be able to rely on them and feel confident in real difficult situations.

Virchenko Nelia

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