Упражнение по сказкотерапии.

Exercise of skazkoterapii.

take a few minutes. What a tale you now remember? This can be the author's or folk tale. What's it called? What are the characters in it? Restore in the memory the course of events in the story. Write this story. Give it a name. Put your written story for the day. The next day, read it.

ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Who is your hero, the character that you most likable for whose lives you are experiencing.
  2. Who is the main villain in the story? What traits or behaviors of the main villain do you like? Because of some of his qualities you could justify his actions?
  3. Events in the story unfolded in a certain way. Think, could it be different? How? What then would be the end of the story?
  4. Remember, was there ever stories similar to this tale? How do you then do? Were there any other similar stories? If so, have You tried to do otherwise? What it led to?
  5. What conclusions can you make?

This exercise is aimed at the development imagination and reflection. In this exercise, you will be able to meet with you and speak the language of metaphors. Itself is difficult to decipher the metaphor.

sincerely, Julia Bakulina.

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