Упражнение «ДрессированныеТараканы» или 10 благодарностей Проблеме.


it is Especially difficult after the public recognition of his "Cockroaches" here:

How to make the impossible possible? Become slimmer ...kg

Well, where to go? They must be tamed or trained like in the circus!

to tame them need to learn to listen, and they should ... to accept and love!

I Recently game-playing colleagues, which was created in my eyes.

the Game was about accepting yourself, about unconditional love. Unexpectedly, in the course of this game, I got my insight – I finally understand

"what I'm thankful For my body, which never took, because I couldn't bring it in the state that would suit me..."

It allowed me to stay in itself, not logically, and in spite of it, when I am seriously and hopelessly ill!

I wasn't dependent on him and was not afraid to lose him, because he didn't like and didn't hide behind him.

I just forgot about it and remembered God!

To understand this I brought the game "House of the soul."

I realized that I need to learn to love not only the content or "Fire flickering in the vessel", but the very form, the "Vessel"

For me it was difficult and I tried to come up with the formula that can help me be grateful my earthly home.

the Game almost helped me to do, and I write of gratitude to the body that need love.

  • How many times did I teach clients to love yourself.
  • How many times have I helped women see their own potential and beauty.
  • Surprisingly, almost all of my clients, real beauties!
  • And at the same time, many find it hard to build relationships with men.
  • I build relationships with men know.
  • Being far from the ideal of beauty, I can appreciate and respect, but
  • how difficult it is to love yourself, perfect!

Why could not accept a perfect face and enjoy life, not "steaming" and you cannot not take a perfect body?

first, honestly, I will answer, and then you do it?
(in the comments or "PM", as you prefer)

so I do it first:

  1. In childhood I had to hear a lot of comments and ridicule about the fact that I am full.
  2. Mom compared me to other girls who were thin, which means he was better than me.
  3. First love was not happy because the boy called me fat, although I was only a little bit chubby.
  4. Any insult, like "stupid" or "incompetent" bounces off me. as "the wall of peas."
  5. the Usual statement of the fact that I have to lose weight or that I'm recovered, leaves in the soul of resentment and spoils the mood.
  6. During the time of my being in a cast, my husband, who lovingly prepared the meal and helped in every way, reminded me of my excess weight, about a hundred times. and this is the key!
  7. my husband of my plans is not included, although to attract men, not a problem for me.
  8. Hence, it is necessary to change itself!

Now my 10 Acknowledgments thanks to the Problem:

  1. I am grateful to the excess weight because it made me strong
  2. I'm grateful excess weight, for that taught me how to be feminine
  3. I am grateful to excess weight, because he gave me the ability to flirt
  4. I am grateful to excess weight, because he gave me the ability to feel your style unlike any other, because to go in jeans and sneakers for me was almost always not allowed the luxury of
  5. I'm grateful excess weight for what became a psychologist
  6. I'm grateful excess weight for that have developed as a person
  7. I'm grateful excess weight, for he turned me into a creative person
  8. I am grateful to excess weight, because it made me resourceful
  9. I'm grateful excess weight, for what he taught me, masterfully, to cope with any difficulties
  10. I thank the extra weight for the ability to "punch"

P.S. the last time I loved psychological games in my Arsenal, two new games! Only about it, I'll tell you another time

a Reality show for those who are desperate to find harmony!

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Natalia Filimonova

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