Умный бизнес


doing business in the field of building business from people with high performance, successful, productive, natural and motivated, the following principles of unification in an interesting strategy to build their businesses and lives.

1. Plan a reward and rest.

unlike successful businessmen, most people expect difficulties and challenges. Successful people expect success. And as a rule, they plan, not one, but 3-4 of the draft plan. Not load one, use the second, not the second, the third! A metaphor of a successful plan can serve as a lighted trail. City lit brightly, less brightly the village, and between villages poles with lights. The poles are close to each other and when You drive You light. Light, a metaphor for rest and rewards. That is, people traveling initially plans points sleep, vacation, rewards and opportunities, not the difficulties of the way!

2. To invent a game. And it is important that the game is liked! If man invented the business as a game, chiefly reflecting his natural talents and inclinations, he is constantly in a state of "flow", it is interesting that he included his life happy! He has a high motivation and a high level of energy, which is enough for all!

3. Be sensitive to their own condition and destiny, when you want to act, not to act when you do not want! Talking about instincts, about trusting Yourself, not indulging yourself. Develops honesty about Themselves. If a person ceases to be sensitive to Itself, its efforts may turn into violence against them, which will reduce the fun of Affairs and will cause fatigue. But it is important not to overreact and start indulging yourself, being unable to do anything!

4. To be "on", constantly changing with the world, to accept new challenges. If the person is insensitive to changing conditions, it ceases to be "in the know", freezes in development and is not going anywhere.

5. To find someone who genuinely loves doing what You don't like, but that is important for establishment, development and efficient operation of Your business and to cooperate with them.

6. Reward and thank Yourself for every step and effort. Never forget to do it. This improves the contact with you! Makes productive "inner game" and effective "external", that is the construction business. In addition, it is important to know what is the reward for You, as that offers the is can be very different from what exactly You need!

That's probably have now completed the circle for feedback. Thank you for your attention! Write Your comments how it works for You, how do You imagine Your effectivy business, it will be interesting to discuss!

With respect Alexander!©

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