Уилфред Бион - нарциссизм и социальность


Narcissism and sociality

CFreud in "Mass psychology and analysis of human I" drew an analogy between individual human psychology and mass psychology. Wilfred Bion in his work, developed this idea: "the apparent difference between group psychology and individual psychology is an illusion created by the fact that the group brings to the fore phenomena that appear alien to an observer unaccustomed to using the group" (Bion, 1968). br>
In the approach Bion's work with groups determining, given two ideas. First, Bion believed that the separation between individual psychology and social psychology is based on illusion. He understood the human collective, but individual mental mechanism of an individual is closely related to other people, and that expresses the individual reflects the configuration of the entire group. br>
the Second reference point approach of Bion groups linked to an understanding of the undeniable primacy of internal mental reality, in which we begin to understand what is happening in the group as a mirror or as a plane projection of the individual's inner world of object relations of each individual group member. br>
ie, on the one hand, Bion recognized personality in the group, and moreover, considered defining the role of the individual internal processes of the individual in a common group processes. On the other hand, understand what is happening with an individual participant as an expression of General stress, and that expresses a particular participant in the group process reflected the configuration of the whole group. br>
At first glance, this is a contradiction, and it is not clear what is the determining – narcissism or sociality, what it affects and what is threatened, giving rise to the characteristic to any group of alarms. But if you look deeper, following Bion (and he tried to see into the heart of what is happening), the contradiction is not so sharp, and we begin to understand the complex dynamics of group processes and related experiences of each individual group member. br>
after that we can get in touch with the General whole group, but it expresses the inner reality of each individual? Through what mechanisms exactly is happening? Because Bion does not use the concept of the collective unconscious or group unconscious. No, it is not. We are talking about the individual unconscious of the individual members but embodied in common for the whole group the ideas and configurations.

How can touch and connect social and intimate fabric of the inner life of the individual, its object world? Why there is this bizarre pattern of interactions in group life? These questions troubled Bion.

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