Угревая сыпь, нейродермиты, экзема. Психосоматические заболевания кожи.


Acne, neurodermatitis, eczema. Psychosomatic diseases of the skin.

Many people in their lifetime are faced with such reactions to your skin like a rash: acne(acne), neurodermatitis, eczema. Such manifestations are very much complicate our lives, because our society imposes certain requirements for appearance. From their appearance depends directly on our success and position in society, after all for anybody not a secret, the more beautiful and whosane man the more he is successful and popular. In various contacts with people, we primarily evaluated externally, and then, for some inner qualities. Various skin problems are almost always assessed negatively.

Let us read more we shall understand the causes of skin diseases.

First of all, our skin is a kind of boundary between the person and the environment.

as our skin is:

  • psychological boundary between man and environment, between "I" and "not-I";

  • body contact and interaction with the environment;

  • on reflection of emotions;

  • body which forms the appearance of a person;

  • one of the senses (warmth, cold, pain, burning, etc.).

the Skin is an indicator of not only physical but also mental health (human embryonic skin and nervous system develop from one petal of the ectoderm).

in Other words the condition of our skin is directly related to the state of our psyche.

Hence we can conclude that the various eruptions, and changes in the structure of our skin occurs as a consequence of various psychogenic factors.

as the condition of our skin is influenced by various harmful external factors (ecology, poor nutrition, carcinogens). But human skin is more stable and better resists to harmful external factors, in the absence of internal psychogenic factors.

psychogenic factor is a stressor which can be intense or lengthy. Not the stressor causes a person stress and its affective emotional reaction.

the Stress experienced once, is stored in the subconscious structures and then manifests as certain symptoms — this is the mechanism of psychosomatics.

But not all people as a result of stress react in the form of symptoms with different reklami on the skin, only a certain category of people. It's the people who have broken the boundaries of contact and they have problems in interacting and communicating with people. For example, various forms of acne in young people often indicate an unconscious fear of communication with the opposite sex.

Cutaneous response to stress is formed early in childhood in relationships with significant others, especially a mother and father (acceptance-rejection, aggression towards the child, coldness, Hyper, no attention from the parents, not the love for a child, etc.). And only secondary stress causes a series of sustained disturbances in the functioning of the skin.

a Few figures: emotional stress underlies chronic urticaria — 72%, seborrhea — 54%, alopecia areata (baldness) is 87%. Particularly striking is the relationship between the spiritual state of the person and the condition of the skin is visible on the example of serious skin diseases such as atopic dermatitis and psoriasis.

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