Servility is when a person does, says and even sometimes thinks so to please others. To the detriment of themselves. Leaving yourself. First (often in childhood) he does it consciously, then formed a kind of habit, servility becomes commonplace, goes on the machine. The person feels fear, shame, guilt, anticipation of praise, the desire to please (for which fear of course), loneliness, desertion, misery, helplessness... Sometimes the initiative comes from the man, he is called to help, tells lies, flatters; it happens - a person just agrees with others: to do so, as he did not want, against their principles, promises to myself, etc. comes After the roll - disgust, "causeless" anger, anxiety, self-pity, apathy... In this state, a person is often aggressive with those who just recently hit, or confined to himself, or "breaks down" to "weak", those who anyway likes: children, parents, etc. and so on. Over the years, the subservience is so deeply embedded in the personality to overcome it alone is almost impossible. br>
People often did not understand why it behaves. In principle, it is possible and to live my life. But you can - and want to change. Without waiting for crises or diseases that will come to the rescue.

What can you do with subservience?
the First to realize, to admit to myself that Yes, I do: be obsequious with, and leave yourself.
Second - to want change. This must be very uncomfortable to do the usual. Next is to seek help from professionals, to read, to answer the question: why would I do that? What are the benefits for me? To realize his fear, see his irrationality, exaggerated...
And it is important to find a prop, support, to single-handedly change is difficult and scary.
There is a wonderful exercise, it was given to me just need time to do so as usual. In daily Affairs. It is the return of awareness. To apply for a consultation at tel: 80295206611. Or viber 80447491964.
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