If so happened that you failed, in the meeting, whether in sex, if not given a favorite toy, not lost in transport.

So, remember, please.

It can be you too.

first, you were confident that you will be denied and I did.

- Come tomorrow vstretimsya in colour? said you are weak, trembling voice, touching a sweaty hand to the wrist.

secondly, you were confident that you will not refuse. For example, you are irresistible. Or other you need. That's right everything in the world needs!

third, you were sure that there will always be the one that gets you to accept who you are. And this is nothing to do. Exactly. Even, I stress, do not have to wait. Because "he" knows what to expect you are tired!

fourth. He could agree, but you did not see it. Because he did it "wrong": with respect and not immediately. But if immediately and sincerely, then he has problems... but that's another story.

fifth. He had problems! You do not, and never would. Maybe you have just a heap of problems, but it is basic: he doesn't understand yours.

Sixthly. All done. "He" agreed. You just did not notice! You ought to wait on. You "always" manifest"it". Just... not now. And, of course, not this one. But - appear! Definitely. A little bit later.

And Yes, we all remember the joke.

the Flood. Everyone is trying to move to a dry place. Only one old
the Jew sitting in the chair.
- come on! - shout it from the last truck.
- God help me, - calmly replied the old man, praying.
And the water higher and higher. She already fills the room. To home coming
the last boat. Her cry:
- get back here! There's still one place!
- God help me, - calmly replied the old man climbs to the roof.
But the water got there. Over the house hangs the helicopter, he dropped the
rope ladder.
- hold on, this is the last chance!
But the old man persists:
- God help me.
There came a wave and washed the old man.
In heaven the man meets God and says reproachfully:
- God, I'm so expected! What did you leave me in distress?
- Idiot! Asshole! And who on earth sent you a truck, a boat and

So, remember.

not only to think and understand what you have , eventually something will. ! No doubt.

But the issue is that you still do? And can you, again, to take what is already given?

But most importantly, of course, do not be afraid!

For. For, as said by Rabbi Nachman of Breslov:

"our world is a very narrow bridge, and most importantly, is not afraid..."

And told him then warrant officer:

"Be easier also people to you will be pulled! "

the Two statements could be the content of my article, but the moderators require 2000 characters...

Pinsker, Boris

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