У вас есть очень плохое качество - собственное мнение!


"you Have a very poor quality - my own opinion!"- sounded to me at dismissal at one of the schools.

"Wrong! Set! Two!"the teacher said in first grade. The question was: "What do you think about..."(I do not remember what was discussed). After a while the teacher called my parents to school and asked why your daughter when she is called, stands up and is silent. Parents didn't know what to say. Most interesting is that the teacher did not know. And did you know?

"Every employee must urgently apply to the list : name, tel and address 5 people vouched that they will come to the polls and vote for Putin" - given the Executive order to the educational institutions of the city. I give, and I don't care that once again threatened with dismissal. Let me again put two. I will stand up and not say anything.I don't like meetings, but also know their rights.

I have already published an article about the conflict child-the child


and about the conflict child-


And now I would like to raise the subject of conflict pupil-teacher.

Very often it remains unfinished, due to the inequality of roles.

On the side of the teacher's authority, in fact its role, the management, and very often parents and class.

I have met many times the option when the teacher is the instigator of the conflict, the student group, coming thus from your conflict with the child and not lose face.

"No, you will not see a film in English. Well, let today, Saturday, nothing to talk the language, but then some moms go to the Director..."And the question of who the originator - name.

Many teachers are still not ready to hear the opinion of the student, and only want to hear something that is inherent in the program. So either directly block statements, or thin down to the fact that the child took someone else's point of view.

most Often, these children try to talk less at school and find expression in other industries, such as further education, sports..

And seemingly well. People have found their niche, to adapt to society.

But if you look deeper, it turns out that a large part of society through school, learns the habit of evading responsibility to yourself and to agree with the parent.

We know that the school is obsolete, but the habit of escape from the conflict and not to Express an opinion, gives the effect of consent to what you have at the moment.

I would like to believe that many teachers do not know how to react and what to do with students-individuals.

But there is a possibility that the pressure on the individual in education is done intentionally to educate the less socially active citizens. And it - managing school as one of the steps of the state.

Having the opportunity to form his system, we often avoid this by finding realization abroad. And today's my day again fit to a single cruel sentence:

"you Have a very poor quality - my own opinion!"

Klimovich Inga

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