«Три способа разрушить родительское проклятие».


"Three ways to destroy the parent curse."

human Life is largely determined by its parents, who unconsciously in childhood put into the child's life script – the script. Eric Berne was confident that his instructions, teachings, punishments and rewards, they determine whether it will be a winner or a loser, as he would treat persons of the opposite sex and in General to intimate whether he is satisfied with life or is life feeling sorry for yourself. By 5-6 years, the script is ready and it remains only to wait for his development.

All scripts can be divided into two categories: instructions are for losers and for winners. Loser script looks the following way: "I'm sorry, son, that you're unlucky. How much would you not tried, still will not work. Even if something wins in life, just lose." Manual for winners mirror: "Why do we suffer defeat. If you have something does not work, then you played bad. Play more and will learn."

There are only three forces that can destroy a parent's curse and break embedded in the subconscious of the child's life script.

the First force – blind power of history (wars, revolutions, epidemics, etc.), it sweeps away everything in its path.

the Second force is a strong and wise teacher (it could be a therapist, a priest or a platoon leader), who by way of reason or experience can change the script of the parents.

the Third variant – when the script modificeres the man himself, but here definitely it is necessary that the parent scenarios was present assumption to make independent decisions.

Everyone can try to write your own script of life, if his parents did it for him.

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