"Тревожные звоночки" в отношениях


How to identify the warning signs in the beginning of the relationship? What need to pay attention to?

Now became popular themes of destructive relationships, abuse, relationships with narcissists and so forth.

And it is reasonable that people try to find some safety technology that will help to choose the right future partner.

But the truth is that there is no universal safety-there are no "bells", which is equally true for all women or all men.

If you are inclined to build a destructive, codependent or aggressive relations, no General instructions will not help to circumvent them. "The bells" simply will not hear you, and even doubts of family and friends will not help to make the right choice.

There is good news: You can make a list, "NO", which will verify the quality of potential partner. And it will be correct, and will work for you.

It can be as external characteristics, conditional height/eye color and the most important psychological qualities that relate to your personal vulnerabilities, values and beliefs, attitude to the family and the opposite sex, religious beliefs, career and financial ambitions, priorities in life etc Personal qualities, such as masculinity/femininity in behavior, tolerance/temper, coldness/warmth, etc.

Take a sheet of paper and write down all the important to you NO. It will be important to you "bells" for first dates.

it is Very important not just to come up with this list, and to write it manually, this will not only structure your thoughts, but will start the process of thinking further and deeper. It's amazing how simple with to do written practice, help to solve a very serious psychological problems.

When you list "NO" to a potential partner, you simultaneously tune their internal "navigation devices" to make a choice among really decent people.

the more inner personal qualities contains a list, and the less purely formal, external, the better for you.

I do not recommend to strictly limit their choice and YES, because the world is diverse and interesting, you may not yet know exactly who you need.

Natalia Nikiforova

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