Тревожная мать


Alarming the mother

Mother — daughter
And where are you naked?

I could start the article with a joke about the Jewish mother, the boy and the hat. But the history of relations mother-daughter.

Stay in the queues clinics will understand everything. Daughter with mother sat in the queue for an x-ray for me. Mom wailed and ran through the rooms periodically leaving their child alone. "If it wasn't for me. I told you. You already adult, you will find the ENT office myself." Girl in appearance 18T. She sighed when the mother disappeared behind the door.

because of their state of health and knowing that the specialist takes ears, I took care of myself by going to the reception. Under Cabinet man and anxious mother. The question of who extreme got the answer "they are in the day, missed the turn a few times." The woman recognized me and started to torture where the girl with x-ray. Including correctness, said: "Wait, it will come".

Show program for the audience began what it is the worst mom. "You weren't listening. Just be glad I'm force-fed all drugs, which could. You're allergic to It on always. You can't help her. But it's better than sinusitis. And you tell her that the mother must listen. You let go and you will get sick. She head with cold water washed. You were sick, and I run with it. All for her. It cannot be left unattended, the child still". The phrase mother "mother I must listen to" the girl decided to support. "Today I listened to mom, easy wearing shoes instead of rubber boots and your rain. Have home in such a race to go." The voltage of the young lady withdrew. Communication with Anna in pleasure. We laughed with our x-rays, it is especially good, the skull in all its glory with an open mouth and a joke on the movie "Scream". The owner of the x-ray asked questions, who are increasingly drawn to the psychologist. Her mother had put some responsibility on her daughter.

to Sum up: Anya is completing the 5th course, dancing, and a month and a half suffering from swelling of the throat (choking) and poor vision.

Alarming the mother, how many I had seen over the years. They "sacrifice" their children. Profitable, convenient, theatrical. Search listeners and viewers the main task for the reinforcement of the status of the mother. The history of personal life "kids" have a dark side and loneliness.

Look around you, consider what you devote your life. It is much more versatile than to spoil the future generation of slaves your anxiety.

kompantzeva Elizabeth

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