Травма отверженности . Ненаполняемая дыра в груди.


One of the common causes of clients with neurotic disorders - the trauma of rejection.

What is the injury denied? This is when adult man in your life, psychologically returns in different situations as in the child experiencing anxiety, fear of death, of being rejected, of uselessness, of helplessness and inferiority.

the reason is that the child has an early, traumatic experience the relationship with his mother, which he was unable to satisfy their basic psychological needs - love, emotional intimacy, security, acceptance. All of these qualities and form a "Basic trust" or don't form, but which in the future will depend on the quality of life and subsequent child development.

If you are talking about psychological health, a healthy mother should be "host," as said by Donald, Psychotherapist, to be "good enough" mother.

And this is one of the main conditions of the psychological maturation of the child, because it teaches us to Express and experience themselves, their feelings, emotions, boundaries.

What is the reason for this injury? And the reason is that the mother is missing internal resource as it is called "the skill of self-love" and there is her past family experience that reinforces its model of rejection.

If you say it even easier, the mother goes with the child as her mother did with her. This is called a generational script.

And the child from this script, builds his life on the principle of deficiency and incompleteness. And someone in this hole trying to cram food , someone to pour alcohol and drugs, shut up penis and sexual promiscuity, and someone shoves then your partner completely.

But the point here is that this tube, only a temporary anesthesia that a person is trying in this scenario to change throughout life. And get out of this script can't, because due to its calexa, he has a very large unmet need, gaged, to unconditional love.

And here it doesn't matter what kind of relationship will build in the next person, whether at work, in family, with friends, he always will be this insatiable deficit, unconsciously to demand from others the love which he once was not given.

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