Токсичные отношения


Some signs "toxic relationships":

1. No discussion of the problems.⠀ ⠀
In a toxic relationship no joint discussion about pressing issues. Such attempts cause aggression, irritation and depreciation.

2. Manipulation.
Any requests to you happen surreptitiously, through the manipulation. People can't ask directly. Can't say what he thinks and worries. Not said specifically what he needs. Wants you intuitively knew. You kind of do. All the time.

3. Your wishes are ignored and devalued. ⠀ ⠀
You are always stupid, sick, unworthy. Not good enough. Enough tired. Carefully enough. Insufficient, defective. But you're not.

You understand correctly, "toxic relationships" do not make anyone happy. On the contrary, they are based on the infliction of pain. This is a story about cruelty and suffering.

Take years to get out of this toxic environment. It is very difficult in a moment to cease to live "with eyes closed". Suddenly to see the light and start taking care of yourself. Your own well-being.

Thoughts on termination of toxic relationships scare at first. To leave all scary. But changing abuser (cruel executioner with sharpened axe) is IMPOSSIBLE.

Well, the victim accurately to do not. She is allowed only to endure.
And termilogy usually not just prostenkie and bezinitsiativnosti, but really depressive, neurotic and teetering on the thin glimmer of hope somewhere above the deep abyss of despair and uncertainty.

to Say a firm "no, enough is enough!" and stop traumatizing relationships are difficult. Scary. But is really possible.

Often afraid to stop this stifling of communication for fear of loneliness.

But: "toxic partner" often implies the fear and manipulates the sophisticated. Trying to get myself all new and new conditions which he is willing to stay in the Union. Question authority.
Which is not necessary in healthy relationships.
You've heard of them?) Seen in life or in a movie?)

And now the terrible question: you do not exactly abuser?) One that likes to cause.
If you "Yes", then OK, it's fixable. Recognition gives a chance to change that in himself. To live repressed pain. And treat wounds. It's a long, laborious and unpleasant work. But otherwise it is difficult to achieve quality in human relations.

And the questions are simpler:⠀ ⠀
a) I am in a toxic relationship with parent;
b) I am in a toxic relationship with a partner;
C) I have no toxic relationships.

For those who chose "in" I'm really happy =)

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