Терпение и труд все перетрут


Patience and a little effort,

my grandmother used to Say the Earrings, when the tongue hanging out, tried to withdraw naughty squiggles in a notebook. Nasty letters were not given just like that, one climbs on a half-line down and the other jumped up, proudly towering over the others. Everything worked sikos-nakos, the Earring was struggling, but with patience he is clearly lacking. He was angry with his fist and then pounded on a notebook, barely holding on not to break off all of this scribbling into small pieces.

- Nasty, naughty letters! – start small apprentice, and growled, gritting his teeth.

- the same naughty as you are - with a laugh she said, continuing to cast spells at the plate.

the Shackle did not give up. He is so fond of his struggle with words that did not notice that came home from work dad. Looking over her shoulder at the notebook son, he weighed a slap Junior.

" Aye!" – rubbing his bruised place, yelled Earring. – What?

- would you tear off such a Doodle! Who so writes? – grumbled the father, impatiently strumming covers of the pots, looking inside, as if that cooking could go faster. Probablu that he is hungry and tired, went to shower.

Granny, why is daddy so angry always comes home from work? – once the Shackle is decided to understand.

Hmm. Probably not all he got there. Now he comes to dinner, we and ask him.

the Boy thought. Grandma was laying on the round dining table, she always did it with pleasure, as indeed all the rest. She was making fresh "boil-and-white" tablecloth, arranged the devices from the old table service, a tureen necessarily (that is, in the opinion of the Earrings, the most useless appliance, when from the pot of soup in a bowl pour). Oiler, kremenetski with different contents, napkins (always with a picture in the theme of the day), crystal vessels with spices.

- Well, and dinner, is looking around with a satisfied smile, said, - I love it when around beautiful.

I Must say, she did everything beautifully. Her work Earring could observe for long, fascinated. Yesterday I transplanted the flowers, humming something under his breath, deftly wielding a small blade. From time to time, when the plant was sitting in the updated soil, she spoke to him, each had so many words of love, beauty and joy. When the work was finished, my grandmother went to wash hands and remove soiled apron, Shackle thought, "wow! Even the stains on the apron look like some kind of beautiful! Here, I would so learn to do everything!"

Meanwhile, all was complete, and the dishes on the table hovered a delicious smell. The earring began to happy to eat dinner, wishing that his stomach is not big enough for all these Goodies.

As always on a full stomach, started a family talking over a Cup of tea, with the news about my mom (she was on a business trip, on this occasion, and grandmother came to visit). My mother's Earring almost missed you, but father he lacked. There were a lot of questions that need answers, but dad used to come home wound up, talk is not wanted. All hope for grandma. The boy waited patiently.

- How's work going, something you recently some not himself come, finally she asked, and Shackle, with bated breath, staring at his father.

- Better not to remind, do not want about work at home at least leave me alone! began to wind up the same.

there was a pause, everyone was waiting for. The first could not stand silence father:

- got it! – striking the table, he cried. The earring was scared, but decided to say after a short silence, addressing my grandmother:

Patience and a little effort! Right, grandma? – the father's anger was growing, that the boy saw the corner of his eye, not daring to look at him directly. Grandma gave to break out the thunder, speaking in his soft voice:

- that's Right, Sergei. But do not confuse: to be patient and test the patience of, his and others – are completely different things, ' said a calm tone and then, as if nothing had happened, and began thoughtfully to drink tea, both hands clasping the Cup.

the Ensuing silence was not so painful, the Earring looked at father, and he raised his mug to his mouth, but his thoughts were far away.

"Thank you," as if recollecting himself, getting up from the table, said quietly father, - big, - said louder, dropping the mug on the table. – Will I need to walk.

the front door slammed, the grandmother began to clear the table. Shackle, as always helped her, carefully collecting crockery. They were silent, each on his own, to speak did not want to.

Love V.

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