Терапия панических атак методом ДПДГ


EMDR (desensitization and reprocessing eye movement) or in English EMDR is one of the latest methods of psychotherapy, which appeared at the turn of 80-90-ies. What is its essence? In humans, as in animals, there is a natural mechanism of information processing, which is activated during REM sleep. In this phase we look at the dreams, and literally, our eyes move quickly from side to side. Therefore, they say, "tomorrow is another day" – this morning on the problem of often look from a different angle.

unfortunately, the mechanism for processing non-ideal and due to various reasons can "freeze" a traumatic experience in the unconscious along with all related information: images, emotions, physical sensations, thoughts about oneself and the surrounding world that are associated with the traumatic event.

for Example, a girl in kindergarten, horribly punished for the fact that she peed the bed stripped and made to stand in front of other guys naked. This case is so traumatized the girl that she was not able to process this experience. In the end, all the memories that belonged to the event: as visual images of teachers and laughing at her children, the sound of laughter, the strongest feelings of shame, fear and suppressed rage, thoughts of inferiority, loneliness, helplessness, aggression of others, etc., - the girl unconsciously "locked" in a container somewhere deep in my mind, never to experience anything like this even in the memories.

the Neural structures that store this frozen clot injuries, are isolated from other parts of the cerebral cortex, so on a conscious level we may not even remember the incident.

In the case of our girl, it could either completely forget about the punishment in kindergarten, or to remember, but to think that this event in any way it is not affected. After all, memories do not bring much concern, or even completely neutral.

But what happened, disappeared, as the emotional "charge" of the situation will not go away. Periodically senses will be to break into the consciousness of giving itself felt in many different ways. In particular, a person may begin a panic attack. In this case, since the neural network storing the cause of the alarm, isolated from the rest of the brain, seizures can occur unexpectedly and without regard to the current circumstances. However, may arise by Association.

For example, with our girl: panic attacks she is likely to begin in adolescence, when it is very important the opinion of their peers and not be ashamed like (and unconscious remembers how cruel children were with her in kindergarten...). The girl will begin to experience panic attacks with the same feelings that she had during the punishment in kindergarten would be ashamed, afraid, lonely, hopeless. While she probably won't see any connection with the case.

Panic attacks can begin at quite different times and under different circumstances, especially if of traumatic situations in the childhood of the girls was a lot. In this case, we can say that the container with the alarm periodically overflows and it starts to beat you over the edge (we recall that the free space in it and it is very small - all are given under the storage of childhood traumas). But panic can occur in girls and by Association in similar circumstances. For example, if you want to answer at the Board in front of the class, using the school bathroom, to get changed for gym class in front of other girls.

How does EMDR therapy in panic disorder? using eye movements and a specially built in this conversation we find one after another and processed blocked neural network - those containers with traumatic experiences. As a result, people are gradually aware of the connection between panic attacks and certain events that traumatized him in the past, remembering and pereproshivka them. But the work may be completely on an unconscious level, the brain will process a negative experience without consciousness. This usually occurs at the level of sensations in the body: a person during a session does not remember anything specific, but experiencing different emotions and bodily sensations. So relieved the same container with alarm. The process is different for each person, depends on the nature of the psyche and in any case has a positive effect.

it is Important that in the course of EMDR therapy, negative thoughts and definition of human rights changing for the positive.

for Example, setting the girls into a feeling of helplessness will be replaced by the fact that it has the right and ability to defend themselves.

of Course, the past cannot be changed but the negative attitudes will directly affect the present and the future. After all, emotions, feelings, sense of self will gradually change. In the ensuing attack will be more rare or cease altogether.

Mariya Vyacheslavovna

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