«Техника пирога»


we Sometimes lays excessive responsibility on themselves, other people or exaggerate the influence of some factors on the situation or the emergence of emotions and feelings. When this is overlooked, often we are not able to substantially affect the course of events, and there are components that have a much greater weight in the formation of the situation. br>
This technique will allow You to determine the full range of factors that influenced the event in question, as well as their share of the responsibility for a particular outcome.

To build our "pie" should:

1) Identify a problematic situation in which we lay the responsibility on one person (or factor). br>
2)the second step is to identify other factors that influenced the event in question: what about other stakeholders in addition to these. At this stage, we can determine the degree of impact of each on the situation (in percent). When determining values for each of the factors necessary to begin not with itself, is to give a numeric assessment of their actions should be last.

3) Create a pie chart: draw a circle, dividing it into segments that correspond to the significance (in percentage) of each identified element in a problem situation. br>
Consider the use of this technique at an elementary example. Let's say You cut at work and the main reason You saw in Your low qualification. Try to identify other factors that influenced hit you in such a bad situation (in percent). It can be scheming employees (20%), and bad mood boss (10%), company policies aimed at the rejuvenation of the state (30%), excessive workload of public Affairs interfere with the main job (15%) and, finally, the level of Your skill (25%).

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