Театр здоровья



a well relates to your health. What does it mean?

  • healthy lifestyle
  • reasonable to eat,
  • the time to notice the symptoms
  • to consult a doctor in case it is really necessary
  • to navigate in the modern methods of treatment
  • know the simple ways of self-help (especially with minor ailments and chronic diseases),
  • not to fall into the hands of charlatans,
  • do not take medicine without the need
  • set yourself up in an optimistic mood,
  • to train the brain to develop intelligence.

the Human body has the ability to samoistselenie. More about this five hundred years ago knew the famous physician Paracelsus. "You want to be healed? He asked great – Then imagine that you are healthy and play that role the best in my life."

to Play the role of a healthy human being is to tune your brain on the "wave of health". This is a special state of consciousness that occurs when there is complete harmony between the center of the logic (left brain) and the center for creative imagination (right hemisphere). There is a whole system of "the Theatre of health" (developed Senichkina Margarita), which is built on a tiered impact as logic and imagination person through relaxation exercises and physical cleansing of the excretory systems of the body (intestine, kidneys, liver, lungs, skin). This impact returns to the brain a condition in which a clearly functioning system of self-regulation of the body.

in order to begin to act, you must have a clear purpose. It is impossible to recover, to neutralize the destructive influence of stress, prolong life.

"what do you want to be healthy?"

All answer differently: "to enjoy life", "to experience pain", "to help children and grandchildren". But it is hardly a specific program. To define a clear goal sometimes you have to speak to your subconscious, which has special equipment.

Between the form of verbal or mental command, and its subsequent perception by the brain there is a relationship. The brain, receiving verbal orders, picks up only those commands which are compiled in the affirmative. If the formula order contains the particle "not" (e.g., "I will not fall", "not sick", "do not get infarct"), then we get the effect opposite to that sought. Our subconscious mind does not perceive the particle "not """ and ""will not fall" so "fall" instead of "not sick" – "sick". Formulating a goal, you need to make a simple, specific phrase, stating a real fact, without denying or assumptions – "my health perfectly", "my body is perfect", "I feel fine." When one is conscious, articulate and write on paper your goal, the brain will receive the first impetus to action.

to lay in the brain a new program, it should be created, and here come to the aid of word, image and action.

you Need to try to behave like in the theatre: not only can you choose the role of a healthy, positive thinking person, but also to act accordingly. Even the posture, the smile, gestures – everything affects the brain.

So the brain has stepped up a program called "perfect health", it is necessary to conduct all components of such health. No wonder Shakespeare compared life to the theatre, and people – actors. It is often simply to change roles to life sparkle with new colors. You first need to create an image of health in the imagination, then to work this way in reality, but the next step involves fusion with the created image on three levels: spirit, soul and body.

it's No secret that we allow negative emotions to destroy our mind and body, and in result become a target for stress.

"If the head and the heart did not choose angels, there dwell demons" – as the wise saying goes. It is therefore important to reprogram the brain on love, joy, creativity. Nature has provided us a long and happy life and not be mindless action and unreasonable preferences to shorten his life. You must learn to work with their long-standing grievances, to forgive yourself and others, without unnecessary emotions to react to problems, then put in your brain a new program – the confident, calm, joyful, happy person.

the Idea – a remote control body.(exercise)

To prove this assertion, place before his eyes the hand, turning it to his palm. Send all happy thoughts on any one finger, e.g. the index. Tell him mentally that he is the center of the universe, "the Kremlin" of the body, send him my care, attention, love.

What sensations appeared in the finger on the background such attention to him? Usually the finger immediately starts to tingle, throb, burn, increase, etc.

These and similar feelings – a consequence of vascular reactions in response to the idea. This simple exercise proves the possibility of mental influence on the body, it underlies many techniques for relaxation. There are several such techniques that have a direct therapeutic effect on our body: auditory training, mitigate, self-programming, concentration (auditory, visual, tactile), contemplation (not just the vision of objects and admiring them), and just verbal moods.

Believers will agree with me: not every prayer comes to God, but only that which at the same time and talked, and felt and realized, i.e. created a Trinity: body and soul, and thoughts.

in this Trinity, saw the success of healing and the great physician of the Renaissance Paracelsus.

Elena Borzova

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