"Татуировки на теле, шрамы на душе"

Our world as we see it for ourselves, sick. Serious condition everywhere - in education, medicine, in approaches to a particular issue. Double standards, demagoguery...Just enough.
ten Years ago, when we rushed to the fashion for tattoos, and I could not think that it will cause an epidemic. All the "progressive" (or rather, aggressive) configured by the members of our diverse society in one voice began to shout about the awakening of individuality, the advantages of tattoo-art, stubbornly focusing on the pagan culture of the different tribes, about the mystical context of tattoos, that tattoo is one of the most reliable and faithful mascot man...a Lot of screaming.

Many of my friends have taken this step based on their preferences. Well, sort of like a tattoo of the indicator of informality of a person...But it is only one side of the coin.
I talk a lot with teenagers, young people, their peers, who continue to apply tattoos. Captured pattern - the vast majority gets a tattoo because of lack of love to himself, to his body, which caused dramatic and sometimes tragic lines of human destiny.
the Issue is probably in awareness and understanding of yourself. I have no desire to get a tattoo. Never. an Informal lifestyle, I still am, I'm out of public machines. My mind another, it does not require juggling different kinds of accessories, and even more, a tattoo to prove that I it I that I really an extraordinary person... one person at once communicated with me on a particular topic, understand this...I can come in a business suit or jeans...And this my mind will not change.
And...Can you imagine leased or Venus with a tattoo?...
And here is another question. I once read this quote "Tattoos on my body, scars on the soul". And it is especially topical when I became a psychologist. By the way, a tattooed girl, with whom I worked, I spoke candidly about situations spodvigshaya them to make a drawing on the body.
Someone with a sense of humor or superficially refers to this, someone tries to bring, as it includes the process of rethinking what is "forever" and this "should not be". Each completely different emotions. But they all testify to a deep human emotions. And the attempt to close the humor also says something about...
of Course, plenty of glamorous news, the draw attention to tattoo parlors from the media and the public is largely is the goal of the business project. This income is a manifestation even of creativity. As among the tattoo artists there are amazing artists...But what prevents them to do the painting? Alas, the same financial problems.
In many ways position inner child fails when making such an important decision like a tattoo. It is sad that education isn't paid attention to tattooed teenagers, who in spite of someone or something, to show their individuality and often become infected infection.
People like devalues his own body. Trying to attract attention only external component is immersed or in search of the meaning and significance of his drawings on the body, order to demonstrate their "exclusivity". a Lot depends on personality accentuation.
But the concept will still not impaired? And if I want this is not to say that I put the responsibility on someone at the time, the girlfriend or boyfriend who subjugated me to his will, way of life, imposed on us from the screens? Can in these conditions to occur, drag force? could the trauma of the soul to reflect and probabability in accordance with human behavior, not by is not a cheap mimicry?
Hope Arkhangelsk

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