Такая сложная простая любовь???


continuing the theme of sports in the world of men and women. What to be - athletes or coaches, or all the same spouses, people who love living in marriage. Watching couples come to the conclusion that simple LOVE- not clear like this, and apparently many, not just... People ask what it is just love. For people the word easy, it becomes something ridiculous, empty.

Easy in dictionaries: simplicity - lack of complexity, lack of pretentiousness, embellishment. Naturalness in behavior, treatment. Simplicity. Innocence, naivety.

Easy in the dictionary of Russian synonyms - ease, modesty; democracy of, I, Guinot, inconspicuous natural, simplicity, naturalness, simplicity, accessibility, necrocest, simplicity, accessibility, Asbest, innocence, ease, freedom, austere, contact, ingenuousness, primitiveness, naivety, postcost, malopitatelna, looseness, neharot, prostate, simplicity, good-natured, simpleton, the naivety, protocetidae, simpleton, simplicity, austerity, kindness, sustainability, simply, stupid a simple-minded, ordinary, generality, simplicity, unpretentious, mediocrity, ordinariness, painless, practicetest, riskovannoe, plainness, not difficult, simple, narrow-mindedness, democracy

the sayings of wise people simplicity, is almost synonymous with the word purity, the naturalness, the truth.

Easy. That's a quality that I wish to purchase more than any other. Leo Tolstoy

a Necessary condition, and the surest sign of truth is simplicity and clarity. Lies are always complicated, elaborate and verbose. All the thoughts that have huge consequences are always simple. The greatest truths are the simplest. Leo Tolstoy.

Often the truth is so simple, that it does not believe. The Lord created the world so that everything is simple in it is true and everything complicated is false. The simple truth. Skovoroda.

there's Nothing like simplicity, is not conducive to bringing people together.Leo Tolstoy

in character, In manners, in style; in all things beautiful is the simplicity. Henry Longfellow

the most Difficult is perceived simplicity.Leonid Sukhorukov

the Simplicity, truth and naturalness are the three great principles of beauty in all works of art. Christoph Gluck.

the Real art needs no ornaments, as the wife of a loving husband. Counterfeit art, like a prostitute, must always be ornate. Leo Tolstoy.

People always need a long time to understand that all the great must return to simple and natural. Francois Voltaire.

Away affectation to attract the audience. Do your work as honest workers. More simplicity, naivety! Auguste Rodin.

Nature is good, and simple. Blaise Pascal.

there is Nothing more beautiful than a true and real in nature. You can't look at a flower from a position of assessing its match with your style, taste and claim. You don't tell him-"Oh, you're just a little different. as I would like. Something you miss". No, you will not to tear the petals, repaint it, add other sheets. If you don't like it you just go away, or go look for another flower. In nature, most often, we either don't care and does not attract or delight or surprise, may fascinate or frighten, but...You'll never have to redo it. You just let it be. But when we are talking about spouses, children, parents, you think you have the right to intervene, to change?

Let the person in the family to be what he is and wants to be. All you want to change in a person, it is your personal need, and only you to do it on yourself and with yourself. Who gave you the right to change, break, and remake the other? You are not the author and not the sculptor of this figure, body, mind. The conclusion - or just accept it as it is, or go by, next, and looking for someone who you like.

What is LOVE? Love has many faces and her world is inexhaustible, because every person loves differently. Love is a personal experience that everyone can survive only in himself and for himself; there is hardly someone who had or has this experience at least to a small degree. Love is the condition in which a person is able to feel and experience its absolute indispensability. In love people can feel the meaning of his existence for the other and the meaning of the existence of the other for himself. The most valuable thing one person can give another is to give yourself the most precious thing he has. He gives him what there is in him a living, he gives his joy, his interest, his understanding, his knowledge, his humor, of his sadness – of all experiences and all manifestations of what there is in him a living. This giving of his life, he enriches the other person, it increases a sense of vitality. In the act of giving something is born, and both involved in this act of a person appreciate life for what she creates for both of them.

In love as in art,is not necessary to say what has been said by others: you need to say what I feel; and one who takes the time to talk when he has nothing to say, great risk never to say. Romain Rolland.

Only with love, giving himself to the other and penetrating into it, I find myself, I discover myself, I discover us both, I discover man.Erich Fromm.

Love is the highest degree of awareness of themselves as individuals and a higher degree of immersion in the other. Rollo May.

In the cause or love for another human person realizes himself, confirms Viktor Frankl.

true Love is respect. Respect for the thoughts of a loved one, feelings, dignity and authority. Respect for the intellectual abilities of human and moral qualities. Respect, verging on admiration. But in order to be able to love, you need to be able to love yourself though, you need to be able to love life and, of course, need to be able to love humanity, part of which is loving and part of which is the object of his love.

Recognize ourselves as part of nature, she's perfect, she's wise. Everything is unique and unique, everything is pure and natural. And it is you and your family. If I really love a man, I love all people, I love peace, I love life. If I can tell someone "I love you", I should be able to say "I love you", "I love through you the world I love in you myself."

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