Связь панических атак с детством.


Panic attacks occur for different reasons and in different ways. In my case, a large part of the reason is my childhood.
the worst word for me is loneliness. I grew up by itself. I feel like I was not, me no speak, me no one praised and not criticized. I was an empty place. Best friends for me was the wind, nature and the icon of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker.
I understand, and I have long worked for their parents, I have no claim to them. My parents are children of war, about what love is there to say. My grandmother lost her husband and three adult children. My mother at the age of 13, digging trenches on the labor front.
And of course, when the father is an alcoholic and two of their children, mothers have to work, and had no choice. When I was three, I woke up in his bed, and no one is home. And the apartment, though small, but three, Yes, on the first floor. So I sat, afraid to get out of his refuge until three in the afternoon. And when the mother took the second shift, I had to walk on the street late because I was afraid to go home. I was scared and on the street and at home.
Then mother got another job with night shifts. And with six years I several times a week, slept alone. And so it went until the day before I got married. I only now understand what it means to the mother for the child. I see for my grandchildren's mom is all, life itself. Mom is a God who will protect, save, spare and save.

When there is fear there is a reaction - Attack, flight or Freeze. And if these reactions are not translated into action, they are imprinted in the body. I had only one reaction to fear in childhood - shock, so I froze and just sort of disappears. Night one, but still so small, very scared, the noises, the creak of the floorboards, under the floor yelling and fighting cats and dogs, could rat to run out, and run away in an unknown direction. Neighbor is an alcoholic behind a wall yelling obscenities and threatening to kill.
For a child a very important age from zero to seven years. If, in these years happen to traumatic events, their consequences are very negative and strong impact on your life.
I had no luck, fear became my constant companion. My inner child is so crippled that he perceives the surrounding world is dangerous and scary. The most important need of all, and small children particularly, is the need for security. I have it is not formed.
so, I have, when there is fear, reassure your inner child.
My panic attacks complicated by agoraphobia. Attacks on the street are very strong, and if you need to go to the store, for me it's just a disaster. And when you have to go outside, I turn to my little Letter. I can imagine it in your imagination, explain that we'll go outside and see there's a lot of interesting. I promise her I will not allow anyone to hurt her, that she was safe. And then, I tell her, we go to the store and I'll buy you a candy bar. I calm my inner child, telling her that she was not alone, I'm there. In my imagination, I take a small Letter in hand, I feel her palm in his hand, so we're going. And it works, the panic attacks do not occur while we are on the street.
to cure childhood injuries, preferably with a specialist. I think it is very important work to understand themselves. You can own to try to heal your inner child. Exercises and methods a lot, you can find them in the books.

Lyudmila Sharapova

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