PSYCHOSOMATICS: what is silent the soul will tell the body!
Article for those notes themselves have a periodic pain in the body and I already went to the doctor!!! The doctor said everything is fine, probably just nerves need to heal.
If reading the article or after pain and other symptoms are worse then it's probably psychosomatic.
Psychosomatic disorders are those disorders in our body, which are based on psychological causes, but rather is our reaction to a traumatic (difficult) life events, our thoughts, feelings, emotions that do not find timely, proper for particular person expression.
usually this neurotic reaction is a kind of mechanism that allows us to experience the blocked emotions.
In psychology there are only four authentic natural emotions – fear-anger joy-sadness. These emotions ensure the normal functioning of the psyche, provided that they are not locked and are experienced in a timely manner and accepted by us.
every emotion has its own task! Fear protects us and protects, anger gives us the power to protect, joy, life energy, sadness – recovery of energy with exhaustion, the opportunity to take the experience and let go of the past.
If a person allows himself to experience these emotions, then you can call it a psychologically safe. If emotions are blocked, then the fire of psychic protect, we forget about a traumatic event through time, and sometimes instantly, but the body and the unconscious part of the psyche we all remember and send us signals in the form of disorders and diseases. If the response mechanism is fixed, we can stop experiencing this feeling, such as fear, and people will say I'm not afraid of anything, but will hurt the stomach ("life-threatening") or chondrosis of the thoracic, ache between the shoulder blades ("stab in the back") or something else, it is necessary to look individually.
the basis of psychosomatic medicine lies the conflict of interest which transformirovalsya in the scenario of responding to a stressful situation.
Often the primary traumatic situation was a long time ago when the child was a child, unable to fend for themselves, and all of the remaining cases, only reinforce and amplify the scenario.
do I Need to get to that situation?
scientists psychologists different opinion, analysts say that without any study of children's conflict, in any way, gestaltist – on the contrary, think that it is enough to study the latest situation and to start to do differently, ie to protect yourself in a stressful situation and allow yourself to react emotionally.
I work always go for the client on how many people are willing to change their behaviour, is it safe for him, the ratio of benefit and harm if the person is 60 years old, does it make sense to redraw the whole scenario, probably not, but it hurts and the pills don't help, and doctors say that the reason for no pain...
*************************************************************************************Then perhaps you need to help people, to help develop new habits that will include emotional health, the permission to experience the whole gamut of emotions, but without digging up the past, grievances and complaints, and just because "I have enough experienced and wise, and can start to do differently", and time to play along in the game there and lie to yourself has no meaning. If a person under 45 years – and you can learn new and profound rethinking in order to increase psychological, spiritual.
Generally in our everyday Russian language a lot of expressions describing psychosomatics. Watch his speech a couple of days and you will find many reasons for their illness.
to sum up, the scheme of work will of course be individual, but to catch a "symptom by the tail" and to no longer hurt - it is necessary to find which of four emotions (fear, anger, joy, sadness), we block, what conflict is at the core.
Further examples, but is very conditional, as practice shows – everyone has their own story, their own neurotic scenario: for example we block the anger that never allow ourselves to show if it is reinforce the fear of loss in a married couple, you are likely to suffer kidneys.
Head - clenching pain of tension – don't give thoughts to reach consciousness, do not allow to voice the thoughts, stubbornness, unwillingness to accept the situation or change it, avoiding problems (I'll think about it later), don't know how to solve the problem, can't understand why, I don't know where to get the missing resources ("already a head broke, what to do I don't know"), I do not believe that will be able to cope, displacement of fear, anger. the
Throat – not the ability to fend for themselves, stuck in the throat anger, resentment (a bone in the throat, lump in the throat). the
Lungs – anger-resentment, signal for help (I will not breathe, will die in spite of all, then you will know)
the Heart is not happy, there is no opportunity to pour out love, or not allow myself to grieve, to feel sorry for yourself (pinched heart – piercing anguish).
a Nervous TIC on her face – the fear of losing the person to respond as befits the position, the position, the demands of parents, significant persons.
Nose – do not smell the situation, do not give myself to breathe, to Express emotions fully (rather anger on important persons)
Ears – I don't want to take the information, do not want to believe what they say, if the information does not match with my invented pattern of perceiving the world and yourself, even if the information is positive, stubbornness leads to hearing loss. the
Eyes – I don't want to see someone, something (my eyes have not seen him)
Allergic – conflict perception can not stand someone of something. the
Leather – the fear that what I learn, what thoughts are actually in my head, the desire to meet high standards. Generalized irritation and its suppression usually suffer from sensitive people. (Skin feeling, that is, whole body)
Teeth – do not give yourself the opportunity to realize and Express aggression (anger), the ban to protect themselves if the teeth are completely destroyed, most likely - early children's setting. the
Neck – relationship of emotions and reason, do not want to miss the feelings in the head, to think, to analyze feelings, yours or others, do not want to see, to look, to analyze the past, running away from fear. the
shoulders – the responsibility, the attitude to responsibility
Thyroid gland in childhood – fear of loss of the mother plus loading responsibility (hypertenion) – you're a big have to cope in adulthood is an attempt to cope with the fear of increased responsibility that is blocked, but often leads to an increase or decrease in the mass and body size (heads). Suppressing their own needs (stepped on your throat) is hypothyroidism. the
Joints – interrupted movement, a child – hypercontrol or Hyper, in adulthood – don't want to do it, to go there – not clarified the conflict of interest.
Legs – resistance (sure footed) if there is no such feeling, subconsciously clinging to the earth, legs loaded and deformed. the
Spine – the fear of loss of stability (life bent). the
Chest women have the opportunity to care/not care about yourself or others (care or excessive or interrupted, or its too much and who cares the woman begins to reject her (husband, child), then nutria resentment - a tumor, a grudge). the
Breasts in men – protection from life's circumstances.
the Liver is blocked, the anger at yourself or at someone.
Increased sugar – man seems to have a lack of love, care from the loved ones. What do you mean "think" it may be in fact, a man can not love themselves – it's a family scenario, maybe just selfish and he can't get enough love. is
something like this, where encountered in the work personally, but in any case, all individually.
DO NOT SELF-medicate, consult the EXPERTS.

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