neuropsychological correction problems of childhood play a great role psihoneirologiska exercises. They activate both hemispheres of the brain due to the simultaneous and reciprocal movements of the hands and feet.

Many of these exercises cross the middle line of the body, thus strengthening megalocornea interaction.

as a result of such exercise in the brain are formed neural network on which hemisphere exchange information with each other, "including" those areas of the brain, which, for various reasons, "inhibit", which was manifested in the form of neurosis with various forms of manifestation.

our Studio psihoneirologiska exercises are one of the main components of neuropsychological correction. We hold them on the carpet with gymnastics ball, massage mats, massage balls, acting on receptor areas of the body of the child.

In the late 90-ies to find literature on psychokinesiology was very difficult. Therefore, the collected exercises bit by bit from everywhere. So, gradually these exercises have developed in the psychokinesiology complex, called Lesnaya Skazka, and participated with him in the festival "Open lesson". The program published in the proceedings of the Festival of pedagogical ideas "Open lesson" in 2005/2006 academic year (on the Festival website: http://festival.1september.ru/articles/310767/, CD-ROM, book of abstracts. Diploma № 300939).

so, put the baby on the exercise ball (optional cerebellar stimulation), legs put on massage mats and begin "Forest tale":

"Night. Sleeping sun. Morning comes, the sun is waking up (1 hour UPR. "Sun") is disclosed, revealed, and fully woke up, was shining over the forest.

the First one awake, roused and straightened his comb Petya-Petushok (Mgr. "Crest").

Reveals the flowers toward the sun, one petal (Mgr. Flower 1 h).

Over the flowers then got those little butterflies, they in turn sit on the flower (Mgr. "Rings").

the Ants started to build a nest, adding twigs crosswise (Mgr. "TIC").

Suddenly on the lawn near the woods there were two horses and became frisky and fun running after each other, knocking hooves (Mgr. "Horse").

When they stopped, they flew bees. One of them is the village horse on the nose and the other ear (Mgr. "Ear - nose"). Then they began to change places, flitting from nose to ear and back.

the hill crawled two serpents of steel against each other and began to bow (Mgr. Snakes). Then they intertwined into a single ball, and it was hard to understand where some snake (Mgr. "Castle"). Suddenly left the snake wiggled his little finger, then my right ring finger, then again the left middle finger, then again the right forefinger, and then again the left thumb (and so on all the fingers of both hands at a time).

From large puddles on the grass crawled big frog and started jumping back and forth, forward and back (Ctrl. "Frog").

Suddenly there came a breeze from the tree in the puddle dropped the paper and floated, then dropped another piece of paper and sailed towards the first (Mgr. Volna) .

out of nowhere – there were two little monkeys that loved to tease each other. One of them started to show another strange motion with his hands ( Mgr. "Fist – edge – palm") and the other to her other (fist – palm – edge).

Then the first decided to dance lezginka (Mgr. "lezginka"). Her second decided to portray the officer, "bestowing honor" (Mgr. "salute").

Monkey was so excited, made so much noise that attracted to the lawn and other animals. First came the noise of two elephant (Mgr. "Elephants").

behind them, fled kittens, clenching and unclenching his paws (Mgr. "Kittens").

And last on the lawn crawled cuttlefish, as they moved very quickly (Mgr. the Squid).

So everyone was having fun playing and not noticed, as the day came to an end. The flowers were closed, getting ready for bed (Mgr. Flower part 2).

the Sun began to close its rays, to close and completely fell asleep (2 hours exercise. "Sun").

the Complex psychokinesiology exercises used in Lesnaya Skazka (to activate megalocornea interaction, develop comissary as integrators, through which the hemispheres of the brain share information, resulting in synchronization of the hemispheres, stabiliziruemost nervous system):

1. "Sun". 1 hour Night. The fingers of both hands woven into the lock. The morning comes. The sun is waking up. His fingers slowly straightened and expanded, like the rays of the sun. 2 h. the evening Comes. The sun goes down. Fingers slowly bend and weaved into the castle. The night comes.

2. "Crest". The fingers of both hands alternately form the comb of a Cockerel ( middle to index, ring to middle, pinky on the ring).

3. Flower. 1 hour the Fingers of both hands form a flower Bud. Then he begins to unfold the petals (first open the fingers, then nameless, then the middle, index and large). Wrist to open. Hands form a flower resembling a Tulip. 2 hours All in reverse order.

4. "Rings". Alternately as soon as possible the child goes through the fingers, connecting into the ring with your thumb consistently index, middle, etc. the Exercise is performed as in the forward (from the forefinger to the little finger) and backward ( from little finger to index finger) right.

5. "TIC". Alternately as soon as possible the child goes through the fingers, forming the cross of the thumb consistently with the index, middle, etc. the Exercise is performed as in the forward (from the forefinger to the little finger) and backward ( from little finger to index finger) right.

6. "Horse". The fingers of both hands quickly and pounding on the table like hooves (sequentially from the little finger to large).

7. "Ear –nose". Left hand to hold the tip of the nose, and the right – for the opposite ear. Then change the position of the hands "exactly the opposite". As you learn the exercises, the speed of change of the hands can be increased.

8. Snakes. Imagine that our fingers are small snakes. They can move, to wriggle towards each other. Alternately called fingers, which "greet".

9. "Castle". Pulling both hands forward. Cross your hands palms to each other, hook fingers in the lock, turn the watch towards your face. Moving, alternately with the fingers specified by the psychologist without looking at them. The finger needs to move accurately and clearly, avoiding synkineses. To touch the finger impossible. Consistently exercise should involve all the fingers of both hands. It is better to call the opposing thumbs (big on right hand, pinky left, index on right, ring on the left, etc.)

10. "Frog". Put your hands on the table. One hand balled into a fist, the other lies on the plane of the table (the palm). At the same time (reciprocal) to change the position of the hands. The complexity of the exercises is to accelerate.

11. Volna. To make wavelike movements first with his left hand to right then right hand to left. The next stage simultaneously with both hands towards each other.

12. "Fist-edge-palm". Child show three hand position on the plane of the table or on their knees, consistently replacing each other. The complexity of this exercise in the acceleration.

13. "lezginka". The child puts left hand in a fist, thumb shoves to the side, fist, unfolds fingers to yourself. Right hand straight palm in a horizontal position touching the little finger of his left. Then simultaneously change the position of the left and right hands for 6 – 8 shifts positions. It is necessary to achieve high-speed shift positions.

14. "salute" . To salute with the right hand and the left simultaneously pulling forward with a raised thumb (gesture indicating "good"). Then clap your hands and do the same, quickly changing hands.

15. "Elephants". The fingers of both hands represent the elephant's legs, reaching across the table. Only the middle finger raised and not in contact with the table is the trunk. You need to go on the table, running his fingers without dropping the middle finger.

16. "Kittens". Strong simultaneous flexion and extension of the fingers of both hands at the top phalanges like cat's paws.

17. the Squid. Both hands are palms on the table with fingers straightened. Middle fingers are bent, pushing off from the Desk and move your hand. The rest of the fingers remain straight.

18. Flower. 2 hours All in reverse order (see UPR. 3)

19. "Sun". 2 h. the evening Comes. The sun goes down. Fingers slowly bend and weaved into the castle. The night comes on (see Ctrl. 1)

After running the program Lesnaya Skazka the child performs the psihoneirologiska exercises for hands and feet using massage balls, by acting on key receptors in the hands and feet, and the tips of the fingers, improve the innervation of the body.

Psihoneirologiska exercises are also part of a daily home exercises for older customers and children. In conjunction with art therapy, music therapy and aromatherapy can help to reduce excessive emotional tension that establishes a positive effect after a session of GROWTH therapy or neuropsychological correction.

the Article was first published on the website of the Psychological Studio "GROWTH" Saint-Petersburg: https://www.psyrost.spb.ru/single-post/psychokineziologiya

© Elena and Alexander, Bazanchuk, psychologists-psychotherapists, neuropsychologists, family and personal psychologists for adults and children, Psychological Studio "GROWTH" Saint-Petersburg

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