Once I saw a little girl about six years old, seven of which was lost. It was on vacation at the restaurant where we had a lot of people. She approached the table behind which sat an elderly man and woman.

"I don't know where my mother is," said the girl, sobbing. An elderly man, sitting on the ground, a smooth, calm voice replied to the girl as if to echo, "You don't know where your mother is?" The child continued to sob.

I went over to her, took her in his arms and said with a smile. "Hi! Let's go find your mom," the Girl immediately calmed down, but her eyes were scared. I lifted her up and literally a minute later we found her mom. Turns out she was standing in line buffet. The girl ran to hug mom and cry, but in a different way, without fear. Needed emotional outlet.

This is a story about a little lost. I remembered her because I often hear stories that have already adults people also like lost things, looking for mom, they are scared, but can't find her. More precisely, they are trying to find in other people. They run from the inner loneliness.

And the mother had to be in childhood. Caring, giving faithful, unconditional love. Taking the child with its uniqueness and individuality. Without comparing with other children. Don't manipulate them to achieve the desired goal. Not blackmailing that it will give to an orphanage or other people's aunts, uncles. And it is quite popular. And as I see it leads to 100% results. And not only to the fact that the child of fear begins to obey, but also to the fact that in life he may be lost, and not knowing the mother's unconditional love. If the mother failed to take care of the child, he will not learn to care about other people. In such a situation it is difficult to enjoy worrying, it's more like coercion.

Feed your kids with love, acceptance and care. And then they will have as adults to be dependent on other people. To survive in a codependent relationship. To achieve success, not for themselves but to gain recognition strangers to him. To get another perfect score, but to feel emptiness and anxiety.

Kulinich, Irina

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