деньги и отношения


While it was a "window" between meals, looked through the tape and came across the old joke "a man has to provide and feed my family, children, wife. Because he is a man. If he wants, let him marry."⠀

the Discussion under the picture was hot, because opinion is at all :-). However, of the 357 reposts pictures 90 percent of the commercials are women. And so I think about this installation. Because it creates the illusion that somewhere the real princes in the 21st century is still willing to provide and feed my wife, simply because they men.⠀

I think the reality is somewhat more complicated. This setup will pull a lot of frustration and conflict. She makes women helpless or infantile, and men or main losers. And as the great and mighty Jung: everything that we ourselves do not accept, we project onto a partner.⠀
And man and woman the right to live their lives as they want, but it is good to remember that we contribute to what our life turns out.⠀
And then I would rephrase this categorical phrase, each categorical sentence :-) : in the modern world adult person is one who can provide for themselves, children and sometimes partner (pregnancy, maternity leave, illness, temporary difficulties, etc.). But if the seemingly adult a person does not want, he finds someone who will "adopt" or "adopted" with all the ensuing consequences. For example, the pair of distributed power, support, duty, guilt, shame, significance. This will set the tone for how it will address conflicts.⠀

I do not mean that men and women need to earn more or less or equally, or whatever else. I'm talking about the ability of an adult to build relations with the world, which world he would be willing to pay the money.⠀And yet, what if adult man (woman) chooses not to work and hope for another adult, it can be trapped in relationships which will be FORCED to stay, not to die of hunger. Trapped in relationships in which psychological abuse will be much easier than if she hadn't depended on her husband financially.

In the value picture of the place, which is career, business, money, comfort in men and women is likely to be different. Well, because we are all different.

Efremov Denis

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