Что я хочу?


everyone has their dreams, needs and desires. But on the way they can stand such a thing as an unexplored, blur.

for Example, when we want something we don't always recognize what we need and why we need it.

the First step to happiness, wish fulfillment, to understand that "I want"!

it is important to realize your desire.

When I first came to therapy, I heard the following " I understand what you want and how you want to be, what do you want?"

It was an important issue for me and the realization that I didn't even understand their needs.

1) For the performance desired, for goal setting, "what I want?"

This may be something "I want to lose weight".

2) Next, the most important thing to ask yourself "why do I need it?".

This issue is very important, as it creates motivation. It is better to understand at once, how is the goal important to the path to the goal was not disappointments or too high expectations


"what do I want?" I want to lose weight.

"what do I want to lose weight?" To feel comfortable, health, etc.

the Next task is setting specific goals, because when we don't even know how much you want to lose weight, then difficulties arise, absenteeism, etc.

3) ask yourself the question "how I have to lose weight to feel comfortable?"

there may be fears, if desired very serious, such as "I want to lose 30 kg".

Then the goal is to break the steps into smaller goals. For example, lose weight by 5 kg. first Person is easier, the goal closer and real.

4) We continue to ask ourselves questions "I need to lose weight?", "How can I lose weight?", "Who or what can help me?".

At this stage we are looking for resource materials, tools, and this may be one of the small goals. Looking for information about how we can achieve your goal. And here we begin to set goals. "To make the slopes by 10 times, 3 sets each, squats, etc.

we Begin with today, let it be a small warm-up, but the start will be made.

So, we can work with any of our goals and desires. The main thing to realize your desires.

Dear readers, wish to understand their own needs and move towards them!

Rykowska Catherine