Боль утраты


the Pain of loss.

the Pain of loss is what we experience after losing a loved one, or even four-legged friend. br>
this pain is.

Denial, rejection pain after the death of a loved does not help to cope with it, but only enhances, stretching in time.

Even if we have not experienced it in the moment of death, being in a state of shock, and have not experienced it then, distracting myself from the sad thoughts and feelings as many suggest – this pain will not leave. br>
She settled somewhere inside us a tight dense clot, preventing to breathe freely. br>
If we allow ourselves to cry, cry nasrid not holding back their feelings and emotions, the pain often goes away. br>
Why? br>
Because we adopted her, we feel her, we let her be, we have lived it. Because this pain is the only truth in that moment, and we allowed ourselves to accept this truth. We do not interfere with yourself to connect with this truth the pain of thinking that someone is upset about how I look, that all will pass with time. br>
But time won't heal! br>
no matter How much time has passed, the pain remains inside and every memory, even the happy moments, he reminds himself. And we are trying to quickly recover from this pain, trying to give it up, to separate, pretend that "all right", that we do not feel it. And she again and again reminds of itself. br>
Like until then, until we meet her face to face, until we recognize it until we live it. And only then it goes away. The clot, preventing to breathe, dissolves and we can breathe. br>
And then, we are overwhelmed with gratitude for all that lived. Then the joyful moments do not cause pain, and fill us with happiness and we are alive. br>
If you are experiencing such pain, embrace it, live it, and then you will be able to let her go and bring back the joy. br>
To help you, I recorded the technique works with the departed. You can find it on the link. It will help you to take care and to see their lives in otsutstvii a loved one.

And, of course, faster and easier the process of releasing the pain of loss, the process of grief, you can go through in the course of individual consultations.
I'm ready to help you with this. Contact. br>
With love, Galina Suslin

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