Влияние мультфильма «Мойдодыр» на развитие детей раннего возраста (2 – 3 года)


Age 2-3 years is characterized by the fact that a small child is all very well to understand and accept, and should take into account the fact that this is the age when the child is less diligent, on the one hand, and very receptive to training and education, on the other hand. If we adults would have the same speed and ease to perceive and absorb the material like little children, we would have to graduate from universities by 2-3 times! faster (as evidenced by many facts). But the fundamental stumbling block in the education and training at this age can stand the restlessness small, but very smart child. It is believed that a child of 2-3 years can focus on one thing within 5-8 minutes, during this time, you can give him some information in monotone mode, but to continue to hold his attention, you need to think and do something new. This requires the necessary knowledge and skills. Cartoon "Moydodyr" is a kind of small, but very good assistant parents and caregivers in the education and training of a small child. First, "Moidodyr" teaches the child that dirty is bad to be that dirty no one will be friends, and that should definitely wash and understanding of this kid in 2-3 years is a very important factor. Second, in the cartoon "Moidodyr" quite a lot of different objectsthis book, and candle, and a ball, and that just doesn't go away from the dirty boy in the cartoon. And it is important to speak to the child: "But runs off the ball, but running pants and so forth." Pronouncing thus, with the child items, you help memorize the name of the item and its conformity seen in the TV picture. Third, the cartoon "Moidodyr built in such a way that it has quite a rich story and quite often change the picture, and it provides the concentration of the child on the cartoon throughout its duration, which is not a few important factor. And here we should note one important point: to consolidate material, it is necessary to show the child a cartoon "Moidodyr" for 10 days (preferably consecutive). As a rule, to 10 day the children already know very well how important it is to wash and can own, without the help of parents to name all items (and not a small amount) in the cartoon. And also, do not lose sight of the fact, when a child, seeing a cartoon, "Moidodyr" crocodile should pronounce the word "Crocodile"!, instead of "Gene" (the influence of the cartoon "Cheburashka"). It is very important to explain to the child that the crocodile can call not only the Gene, but any other name. If this is not done, the child in the future, a long time may be accompanied by Association "Crocodile Gena, Gena – Krokodil", which is not good. Happy viewing and learning!

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