В каком возрасте наступает совершеннолетие в разных странах мира

And this is not always eighteen years old!

Age is the age of gaining full civil capacity. Man gets additional rights and obligations, which depends on the legislative regulations of the specific gosudarstva.


the Age of majority not to identify with the age of sexual consent, marriage and criminal liability, driving a car, getting voting rights, permission to buy alcohol and so on. Age limit or law in many countries does not depend on whether the person the status of an adult. For example, in most States, US emancipation is 18, however, alcoholic products are sold only to those who have reached the 21st birthday.

in Japan age of majority 20 (from 2022 it will drop to 18 years), the age of consent – 13 (may vary depending on the laws of the prefectures).

moreover, the age of majority may depend on gender.

Russian children celebrate coming of age at 18 years (article 21 of the civil code). Compare with other countries?

To 15

• Denmark (Greenland — 12, Faroe Islands 14 years, the continental — 18)

in Iran, (girl — 9 years boy — 15 years old)

in Saudi Arabia (varies depending on sexual maturity, but not later than 15 let)

15 years

in Indonesia


• Myanmar


• Scotland

in Vietnam

in Cambodia

in Kyrgyzstan

• cube

in Kuwait

• Pakistan (only girls the age of majority boys see below)

• Palestine

• St. Vincent and the Grenadines


• East Timor

• North Korea



the Most extensive group which includes most countries from all continents. Here we will cite the example of the only large countries and those States in which the age of majority depends on the region.

Australia, Austria, Argentina, Afghanistan, Angola, Armenia, Belarus, Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, Britain (England, Wales, Northern Ireland), Venezuela, Germany, Greece, Denmark (except Faroe Islands and Greenland), Dominican Republic, Egypt, Zimbabwe, Israel, Spain, India, Italy, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Canada (only in the provinces of Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, Prince Edward Island, Saskatchewan), Kenya, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Latvia, Laos, Malaysia, Mexico, Mongolia, Namibia, Nepal, Norway, Oman, Pakistan (only boys, girls — see above), Peru, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Romania, USA (all States except Alabama, Nebraska, Mississippi), Sudan, Serbia, Somalia, Tanzania, Turkey, Tunisia, Uganda, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, France, Finland, Sri Lanka, Ecuador, Estonia, South Africa, Japan (2022, and currently, 20 years).

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If you do not find your state, rather, it refers to this kategorii.


19 years

in Algeria

in Canada (only the following provinces and territories: Nova Scotia, new Brunswick, British Columbia, Newfoundland and Labrador, Northwest territories, Yukon, Nunavut)

in South Korea

• United States (only Alabama and Nebraska)


in New Zealand

in Paraguay

in Thailand

in Taiwan

• Japan (operates now, 2022 will be reduced to 18 years)


in Bahrain

in Gabon

in Honduras.

• Grenada

• Zambia

in Cameroon

• côte d'ivoire

• Lesotho

in Madagascar,

• UAE,

in Puerto Rico

• Samoa

• Swaziland (Eswatini)

• Singapore

• USA (Mississippi only)

the above data is current at time of publishing and are subject to change in accordance with updating of the laws of each state.

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