Утренний мужчина, вечерний мужчина


As always, the rights remark - in the morning you think about it. And the thoughts that precede a long sleep, have nothing to say. He settled in your head, and apparently, not going to go anywhere.

How many listened to a motivating, invigorating training. How many had "ironed" and to persuade himself. All for nothing. This man stays glued, it accompanies you everywhere.

Gradually "vyzyvaetsya" from the life all that was interesting that happened to you. Now the only joy he became. Or rather, not even the joy, pain, obsession. But also a necessary drug at the same time.

Here, without it you just can't sleep, scared all the friends, forgotten relatives. Sometimes call home, but somehow sluggish, like perform heavy duty. And his messages in Matsapa you wait, like a whipped dog waiting to be caressed by a cruel owner after a recent kick.

What's next? You don't know and don't want to know. Although, somewhere inside you know what is really going on. But, like the frog in the mouth of a snake, I reach out to him, in response to any movement towards you.

to Get into the swamp of emotional dependence is very simple. To get out of it, sometimes takes years. Awareness of the situation rarely leads to positive changes.

to Speak with his morning-evening mind's companion in the real world you're afraid of. And suddenly you incorrectly chosen, and interpreted, the word will break? You lost yourself, lost his head.

In such a situation is very terapeutiche would support the presence of a loved one. But you alienated everyone from yourself. And probably need to get an action partner was the last straw, after which you will decide on your conversation with him. Or with a relative, friend, professional.

to Complicate the process of recovery from emotional addiction can that a man intentionally hurts you. Maybe you got in abuser, Narcisse.

still, you should pull yourself together and try to look at what is happening in your life sober, or you can seek qualified help.

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