Установки, мешающие жить


Why, already adults, we unconsciously can't ignore the parent installation? And what actually are they?
• "You're ours!" Reflect the values and expectations of the genus. "In our family, only women and money!" "Mother you have one, and men can be what you want." "All our life we lived for children." "To be rich is a shame." In such installations reflected the principle of a generic branch and sounds hidden message "don't you dare to be different, otherwise you are not our". the
• Family matter. These units relate to entire dynasties in certain professions: "In our family, all the military/teachers/doctors/officers...". "Businessmen are always thieves, in our family there are none". the
• features of appearance, physique. "We all gustavoleao, and you have a mouse tail". "We all have long noses". "In our family are all handsome/fine".
• Intellectual abilities. "Don't get smart! We have a family of nerds there." "I am no one book for the month read what you want baby".
• marital status. "Mother after his father's death all about men forgot." "In our family there was no civil marriage." the
• Emotional life. "Don't laugh then you'll cry". "Be mad at the people dangerous."
These messages are transformed into generic programs that are not so easy to get rid of, even aware of them. Why? Due to the poorly perceived fear of rejection. In ancient society, expulsion from the community was tantamount to death – the man was not physically able to survive alone. Remember the pyramid of needs according to Maslow? He believed that the need in the community refers to the third base, after satisfaction of physical needs and need for security and stability.
What will become of me if I refuse family? It is particularly symbolic renunciation. On the unnerving feeling of being in a family black sheep.If it is,
the man doomed to not accommodation their lives and deep unhappiness. Protest and the desire to do the opposite - it's a teenage response, which is also no good do not lead. For starters, any installation, you need to be aware of. And try to replace the positive.
"Mom I have one, BUT I'm the ONLY one."
"In our family, all women earn, AND I'LL be the FIRST one to beg to WORK."
"our family is all doctors, AND I will ALLOW YOURSELF AND YOUR CHILDREN to CHOOSE".
"My family have lived all my life for my children, AND I CHOOSE to LIVE FOR YOURSELF."
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