Убить босса или психология общения с жестким начальником


how Often do you have a desire to kill your boss when he every time "call on the carpet" is demeaning, yelling and pressuring you? If you are familiar with this sense, the statement below of the 8 commandments of how to change this situation with you and adapt to stress.

Commandment No. 1. Remember your goals! Why are you working in this company? For what? Keep in focus your goals and don't let provoke yourself into doing something rash.

Commandment No. 2. Don't fall! Don't fall for the provocation! How can you provoke? Very simple. The most typical "sticking" to Express that you're worthless, question your competence, to put pressure on the sense of responsibility, to discount the results of the work and to say that before you had no such problems.

Commandment No. 3. Get ready! You have to be prepared and well-informed. To know the actual and target performance, business processes, laws and regulations, the situation on the market of competitors, strengths and weaknesses of the company. Know better than the head! But not to flaunt it, and quietly to rely on objective facts.

Commandment No. 4. Never say never! Remember – you can not head to say NO. You increase sales, reduce the time and increase the load? Great! Say - but, BUT! The "BUT" is the question: is it possible to achieve a new goal with existing resources of the company? And resources: business processes, money, people and technology. Or something need to change? Smart boss will understand and will help with resources. Well, if not smart? Write a memo to the chief with a request to allocate additional resources, adequate to the set goal. You will cover. And the greater the pressure, the more write letters to all the relevant units to assist in achieving the goals of the company. Do not say, and write! While the chief always put in the copy. Any goal can be achieved with adequate resources.

Commandment No. 5. Don't compare yourself with others! Often you can compare with competitors or other professionals in the market. But! Each company has its own characteristics, resources and history. It's not a valid comparison. The employee can be effective at one company and absolutely not effective in another. I often observe it on the example of "star" sellers. They know how to sell themselves dearly, telling tales to the employer, but can't do anything in new companies in other conditions. Each is effective in its environment in a certain situation and under certain resources. Compare yourself with yourself.

Commandment No. 6. Use time. Learn to wait. Time often puts everything in its place. Major changes for the better is difficult to achieve quickly. To build a quality client base will take at least a couple of years. Do not be like pumped anabolic steroids bodybuilder. Besides, as the saying goes: "do not rush to carry out orders of the chief today, tomorrow it may be cancelled". It often happens that the evening meeting the chief invented a new process and all inflated, and during the night, disappointed in his ideas and in the morning I've already canceled. You're worried and not sleeping.Do you need it?

the Commandment number 7. Do not criticize your boss. Never! Remember the pyramid of control. Over it also has its own head and he also suffers much. He just takes out his stress on you. Give him a break (just don't tell him about it) and be sure to praise your boss before the big boss.

Commandment No. 8. Help your boss and he will help you.

But if you have still not exhaust the stress after talking with the boss, don't keep it to yourself. Hormones require a splash. Then you can "kill" the boss. How to do it? Play with him at a computer game in the genre of "shooter" and kill him with pleasure many times.

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