Тревога за детей: как с этим жить


Well, let's start with the fact that anxiety is a good thing, because it helps mum to keep an eye on and react to different threats from the environment. But excessive and constant anxiety energy because anxiety in itself leads to the mobilization of the entire body. So constantly in this mode of life is very difficult.

moreover, when my daughter was a little older, I realized that anxiety prevents me to love my child and enjoy motherhood to the fullest. The focus of my perception not my child, and those "troubles" that might/ can/ may be/ happens to him. The horror! It had something to do. And here I am.

Share your recipes and wish you to find your own if mine don't fit.

1) we ourselves cherish their anxiety, believing that we will be able to best protect your child. It is the illusion of omnipotence! Repeat in a whisper: "it's an illusion". You just need to accept it and become a little fatalistka. It follows 2 paragraph.

2) need to believe the best and speak often with my baby all is well and will be fine! The idea that thought is material that everyone already stuffed on edge, but does not cease to be truth.

3) if the alarm is embodied in the hypercontrol, the last stop, because they mutually feed on. If your husband went for a walk with a child, don't call him 10 times. Enough 7. Just kidding))).
Mind your own business and don't call at all.

4) go to the safety of their child with the mind, without emotion. Make a list of the most active of your fears and concerns. Read competent sources and develop the basic principles of security. Follow them clearly and understand that everything else is not in your power. For example, I have identified 3 areas of safety of children: health, physical and psychological security. (You can have your name, your crushing these directions or others).

✔this is For the health we adhere to the following rules: walking, tempering, optimum temperature and humidity etc. (this is well-known moments)

✔this Psychological security: relevant for kindergarten, school etc. For me it's building relationships with teachers and maintaining a trusting relationship with the child (to be told if something bad is going to happen). Conversation with the child with the correct questions from the kindergarten, etc.

✔controls including Physical security. This is a separate issue. Now a lot of talk about it and write. For example, a child should know his address; needs to shout "that's not my dad" if he will take by the hand or pull off somewhere with another man; if the child is in danger, he should not run to the entrance, a secluded place in the store, open public place, etc.

in Short, create your child really safe environment and be calm.


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