Свобода религий. Устраняем страх смерти. А также немного о развитии наших сверхспособностей


Not long ago I had an interesting job with my client from Moscow. It should be noted that I'm in love with him to practice, and noticed how it has grown in terms of mind-mind and understanding. Although we work with him so often, but always very effectively.

And not so long ago he re I had, saying that it was "to cover". Month three all was normal, and concluded: "it is necessary, probably to you to go at least once a month."

I polirinia noticed: "to me as to a priest for confession. There are sins removed, and here we are – psychologists and psychotherapists, dismantle and eliminate many of the sins of thought, deep, causing the forgiveness of yourself inside and changing your vision.

all this was the theme, as we left that guy not so long ago became ill when he and his wife were flying on vacation. It once again started to stalk the fear of death, and psychosomatics. And now came one of the reasons for this state of the young man. The fear arose because he is still not baptized.

the Guy gave himself such a vow, but had no way to do it. He believed that not enough is ready: weak willed, can not observe fasts, go to communion, go to confession, i.e. to be a Christian in the full sense of the word. Hence the duality: have and can't.

Examining this situation, we came to a moment of deep hangover a few years ago when the guy thought, "now's probably going to die. And gave myself a vow: to be baptized, and something from the series: "save, Lord."

He got out of this state. And since it is settled internal the discomfort. With that we began to work.

I, as a psychologist and psychotherapist, has made a shift in the past, my client from Moscow, realized that he shouldn't have done that (in terms of alcoholic effusions), now he was able to forgive myself, and to trim his problem, at that time, the condition.

Then he went out again vow. "Who are you?" - "God. Let there be God" - "Yes, he appeared. This is Peter and Paul." – "Tell them you're not ready yet". – "They say no, you have you have to do it."

I have, in my psychotherapeutic experience with clients know that if there is a divine archetypal images, they are understanding, frequently explaining and clarifying what is happening. And then some unnatural resistance.

Next, we went on it, whose mouth was saying Peter and Paul. Behind them was mom who demanded baptism, and often talked with her son on this subject.

Then, it turned out rather strange is that she was unbaptized. It turned out, the mother is also not ready, and all his desire, she has invested in the son. He called blasphemy, some of her behavior: prayers, holiday rituals, excessive speaking about God, without connection to the egregore of Orthodoxy, the image of this piety without inner essence.

Now, after such study my client from Moscow, became easier. But that was not all.

We entered the batch in this status and fear of death. When I started to work with internal images of the guy, then came the demon. It was just, everything that lived in this troubled, plus the total conglomerate of negativity and fear, which have been compounded further. Now I'm using methods NLP, quickly worked this "demon". The client let him go, and with it, gave the bag negative States - what it has in common with this character.

After that, the guy said he is very interested in Buddhism. The client was always attracted to this religion. We talked a little with him on this subject.

I Must say that I have a positive attitude to all religions. I'm a Christian, but I am interested in other religions, and take their own, that often helps me in working with people of different faiths.

in addition, I conduct webinars on the development of super-powers, where train additional practitioners work with clients, and transition from abilities to superhuman abilities. Often, in our work, we come to what, in General, has long been known, but not particularly supported by the religions due to some internal reasons and contradictions. This transcendental journey of our soul.

to summarize, I can say the following. You've probably seen sometimes a picture, being present at the christening of that one child baptized and the other is screaming for it. There is an explanation of what is happening. It will be linked to the fact that we have incarnated many times, and if in a past life you were a Muslim or a Rabbi, and that you unconsciously move in the age of Orthodoxy, then maybe such behavior here. Therefore, on the one hand, the choice of religion to do well in adulthood. And on the other I personally, still, for infant baptism in this small age, because it will help egregor of Orthodoxy, finding their roots, religions, worldview. And then the person can be a conscious choice. As, for example, my client from Voronezh. It is up to 45 years was Orthodox, and then decided that Catholicism is her thing. But she did not abandon Orthodoxy. A woman visits the Church and Catholic Cathedral. And, perhaps because, in part, that, learning from me in the course of development of super-powers, it harmoniously combines in itself that, with an expanded vision, and free will, given that it has an inner light that harmonizes us.

P. S. This article is fictional and real characters is irrelevant. #sexologically #anorgasmia #vaginismus #seksologov #frigidity

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