Убеждения, которые мешают вам быть счастливыми


Often we do not even think about his reaction to some events in my life. Well reacted and well. It seems even you are satisfied. 😏 However, some inconvenience is. Well, just like the Princess and the pea - like and puffs a lot, but something interferes.

But who is this one little thing to pay attention to? And it turns out that this "smallness" and has a huge impact on our lives. 🤔 And this is not our smallness. We slipped her.

Well, slipped. Not too much specifically. Just we lived in family, community, society, heard some expressions and thought that this is the only correct view of the world. 😯 Examples? Yes please:

- Men don't cry.
- Girls must be soft and meek.
- have a Good finish school, go to College and then get a good job with a good salary.
- I have to Marry once and forever.
- a Man needs a house to do everything himself.
a Woman should know how to cook.
- All men are bast...

you can keep a lot. I think that you yourself easy to distribute than a dozen convictions. 😉

So, it's called interactome. This is what we received in childhood, and swallowed without chewing. Ie, we really didn't fit it or not, whether we agree with these findings.

Intracta not always a bad thing. Sometimes even good, they help us get around some of the rake on our life's journey, especially when we are still small and don't know much about the world. That's what bad introject "matches to children not a toy"? 💣 Correctly, useful. But, as is often the case, in some cases, something can be useful, and others are already harmful.

And you grew up, you already have your Outlook on life, but does not develop: it seems to have everything, and you do not feel happy or do not get pleasure from the realized goals. 😣 Then your introject in conflict with your true desires, feelings and interests.

for Example, "if a man has never been married to 40 years, it is not necessary to have a relationship with him". Someone once from his experience and said that it was true. But that does not mean that you must also believe in this setting. Perhaps in that case, it was a lazy Mama's boy. And in your case, a businessman 😎, which developed my business and just could not devote sufficient time to the family. Well, or just met you.

So now is the time to get those interacti from under the mountain of mattresses and to understand, they help you to live or not. And if "no", if you somewhere deep down does not agree with them, we will get rid of. 🙅 We will find them, perium and swallow (accept) or already spit what we do not like.

so bring all that is in you "I should". Found? Great. It would be better if you wrote it down. Now just read and think - do you agree with that belief or not? All's that phrase you like? It is possible that you partially agree, or fully agree, but in some specific conditions. Then accept it in the form in which you like.

Well, if not exactly so - boldly striking out on paper and throw out of your life.

And in the future. Try to test your belief in this method: if you start a phrase with "I must", then it is very-very similar to interact. But if you start with "I choose" or "I want", then it is certainly yours. 👍

Potashnikova Svetlana

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