Тревожные сигналы, на которые стоит обратить внимание в начале отношений с мужчиной


At the beginning of a relationship with a man, not all women can objectively perceive reality and the attitude towards them that men. And then it may be too late.  Although the moments that were supposed to guard and cause reflections on the theme "And will I do good and safe with this man?" was still.

Just a woman in a state of loving euphoria stubbornly closed their eyes, and a very good reason. Therefore, we strongly recommend you to pay attention to such warning signals at the beginning of your relationship with a man.

1. He never acknowledges other opinions besides his own, because “I'm always right»

Such a man, believe me, and never for that before I apologise to you. Even if he really was wrong -  it just doesn't recognize it. Because it is beyond his power.

2. His failings are always someone to blame

Ex-partner, parents, work colleagues or even the country in which he lives – that is, everything, but only not he.  that means  that man is simply not ready and does not want to take responsibility for their lives and what happens in it.

3. He can't contain and control their own emotions

If a man is very violent temper, and any little thing - it can actually be quite dangerous. So think carefully whether you are ready to constantly put up with his outbursts of anger for any reason. Moreover, sometimes such outbreaks can result in even physical abuse.

4. He is a very bad and negative comments on all his ex-girlfriends

First you may think that this is the opposite - very good. It means that he certainly will not maintain any relationship. But the point is that if  your man believes that he alone always  “warm and fuzzy" and everyone else  was bad, then the question arises, not whether it will be after a while and you blame it all on..?  

thus removing all responsibility for what is happening in your relationship? And because the relationship is always about two, not just one. Remember that.

5. It's like he's just messing with you, but it does so in an insulting and unpleasant for you

 it's like It just demeans you these his “jokes” . And then, seeing your reaction, maybe to say  something like "Hey, are you offended? It was a joke. Do not take everything so seriously." Or it  can even promise you not to joke, but it takes a little time and again you become the object, but rather a victim of his "black humor".

So is there here some basic respect to you, I'm not even talking about love ..? So think carefully whether you are ready to tolerate such an attitude in the future, and then take some of their own, the right for you decision. Good Luck To You!

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