Влияние отсутствия безусловного принятия и сепарации на отношения с партнером


And everyone knows that to claim love is meaningless. However, when inside comes to life "dragon", which is necessary to extinguish the internal fire, burning in childhood. It's the anxiety that's always whispering in my ear he doesn't love you, you believe him?, this is also cheating. And the mind Games begin. 🤡🤔 Seriously it all? Much more serious than you thought...
And post about the separation) and about love, of course. If a child was not enough attention, of course adoption is love, separation is hard. And it shemagh said. With tears and grievances, requirements and claims.Moreover,mutual. You have grown up, but because you want to, what would your parents (they too pomudrel sort of), give you what you have been. Pitied, patted on the head, given a sweet. And it's all subconsciously, please note. In reality, you will be offended by something completely different. Not say a word, not a tender look.
And this love are waiting for you from many. Offended by friends, colleagues. And partner? It is generally a key figure in this whole batch separation. You begin to expect from him:
🙄 guessing the thoughts of his father's relationship, brutality (because you want protection, which was not in childhood) mixed with tenderness (which also was not enough or did not exist). Expect a lot of hugs, because if you think about it, your mom didn't hug or something cold. But if it is to dig. And so you just want to. Everything and more. .

I noticed that those parents who were more cold to his children, after asking them more love, attention. Constantly drive the children in the role of debtors.
Separation from mom, dad, ie the separation did not happen in this case. Because you are still waiting for their love. Or trying to be a good girl to deserve love. .
Iiii behave with a man. And here begin the rules #jenstvenost_теория that lead you to break or co dependent relationships. ...
so the lack of unconditional acceptance in childhood inability to useprivate/to separate "build" your relationship with your partner. .
As you have passed/passes separation? What do you think about it?

Tatiana Karaseva

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