Уйти от близости, но остаться: беременность


a Young,incredibly beautiful in its natural environment. 22. Completely a Girl.

cries a Lot, replacing the quiet sobs in the howling of breathing turning into sobs.... hangers and discourage active sticks of the drummer.

This high in ordinary life, and is so small right now in this chair, brittle, and, seeming very vulnerable, and compassion flow I moves toward her.

Tears will be many. See Girl bad. Right now, in this very spot, She is faced with something unendurable difficult. I understand that now I just. And It is with me-such a timid bird, which is something important happening right now. In her inner world.

Only six months later, I will understand about girls are seene a lot. And while she's crying here beside me. I look at her and think: "my God, how beautiful She is. Such a bright and radiant girl. And even the tears, even as she goes"

And don't know about it almost nothing. Only its sms and the request to record the meeting on the issue of parent-child relationships. The words with which She begins to softly speak I one about the other and I do not understand anything, but collect them.....married 8 years with her husband, daughters - 12 and 1 year old. This country is for her new. Here, "no one" /mother, grandmother, sister and friend stayed at home.

I don't fit in, a lot of questions and my inner psychologist-Pinocchio climbs out, but I push him back and just listen more....

the Eldest daughter of her husband. From his first marriage {UV.....exhale and look at her with a grateful glance}

Husband-first/favorite/the only/a perfect/the most-most..... {then I will see it. And we'll have a few individual meetings. Gorgeous, though - and the person, and personality, and man}

a Lot of years trying to get pregnant and give birth to a "the husband of the child" {here greatly surprised....22, girl really....my questions are still waiting in the wings. Later. Maybe someday...never....}

Dad doesn't know. My mom got married when she was 10. And before that Girl lived among women: mother, grandmother and aunt. At the same time gave her sister.....she's the same age as the daughter's husband....{in this place She vigilantly takes aim with the sight, begins to drill the carpet at one point and pursed his lips, as if to say something important, but it can harm her ...silent and restrained}

She "somehow" does not remember how she lived the next 4 years. But it says a lot about their 14 when I met my husband. He was then "in the middle of a divorce. His wife was a dishonest woman. And it is so clean and worthy man. Experienced such a strong betrayal"....{here Her eyes start to storm out....they have so much of injustice..just such a universal, global injustice }

It was not a single meeting, of course. Six months. During this time I met with her husband. With his daughter. In absentia, with their daughter. And all this time Girl was not left alone with her husband. Between them constantly there was someone.

She was on the younger, daughter's husband, grandmother, husband, former husband's family, his wife, his sister, and on either side it was not possible to log in to her most important question with which she came: repressed sexuality, a lot of shame and fear, guilt and expectation of punishment.

The most primary query on the parent-child relationship was: husband decided to pick up my daughter from the mother, who

"nothing good, she does not. She teaches her abandon and promiscuity. The girl began to smoke, to skip school, painted as the adult woman, and even not sleep at home. It month we. My life now revolves around not only my child, but around it. I can't stand her behavior. She walks in t-shirts of my husband's naked body. Imagine only panties and his t-shirt! She uses my makeup and before putting on perfume my perfume! She led me into a lingerie store and forced me to buy her not lace cheap headsets /15 K. Why I bought? So, she demanded. Right in the store. And her husband said no to anything. And I, who am I to her? I do so does my husband. She jumps on to him and sits on his lap. This is unacceptable behaviour. I do not allow this. I'm the wife....."

to break Out on her own sexuality was not an easy task. There She was faced with such multi-layered experiences that either froze like a gopher, or began to panic and throw yourself across the room. Live rolls her senses almost failed. For many years she learned to suppress them in himself.

And one day She came so sexually alluring that I almost in the hallway near fell over with joy and admiration. And no longer believed that was possible. It turned out the husband was gone. Home. Daughter drove back. And then it struck me kind of sad. Just incredible. I looked at her and I could not see enough-she was especially beautiful in his female manifestation. Sadness from the fact that such It is-is fleeting. Only here, today She was allowed to meet him like this, in this office, where she will be able to look at ourselves without condemnation and fear of punishment.

At the same time, so little talked about myself so much....about your daughter. She suddenly saw that she has problems that must be addressed. Through me. Through child therapy. And I became even more sad.....from what Girl away from themselves. Only it's her choice.

And this is our last meeting. She said good-bye. I turned around to leave. Stopped. Looked back. Looking at me with eyes full of hope and sadness ,and said, "You think she's really no problem and it is not necessary to bring him in?"

I do not answer, just look at her and inside I have a rain on autumn glass........


two years Passed and I completely forgot this story and this Girl. today, in the morning news feed suddenly saw Her.

the same beautiful and sexually alluring, like the last time we met. I peered at Her face and smile along with her. While I don't get wholeness pictures-Girl keep your huge round belly two gentle hands......{photos by Girl is irrelevant}

Yes, it's her way to survive. And embed this in adult life is a Lonely Girl. And somehow to do with their natural sexuality.

And I again became sad.......my inner movie instantly begins to shake and show footage and scenes from other client stories about kids who were "glue" for their parents.

Who were born, my mother did not feel his loneliness.

here, to hide my mother's sexuality from her father.

Who are here to support mom's and without it, poor health.....but this, however, is another story......

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