Устойчивые отношения


We all need other people. It's our nature.
Yes, of course, all this business in different ways- there are those among us are extroverts, there are introverts.
As there are extroverts in the extreme, because there are introverts to an extreme degree.
nevertheless, I need other people. Even those who categorically denies it.

I am not going to touch all possible aspects of our interaction with others - it is a subject hard to cover. Especially in a small article)
I Propose to talk about binary relations.

There is also a lot of areas. This and the relationship of parent and adult child. And relationships men and women. The relationship of friends. Relationship partners. And many more refinements can be done.
But if this continued sustainable relationship, then they have a lot in common - namely, that both get these relationships is important and valuable for yourself. The question is - what?

that's about it, dear friends, I would like to speculate. And you, if you want to be able to contribute in the comments) that I should be grateful! Because a new, unfamiliar perspective is always interesting - it expands the horizons)

Probably, it is clear that even a stable relationship is necessarily always perceived by both parties as very good) Sides are unhappy. But why are they saved?

And, probably, it is clear that this means that for some reason, they need and the other side. Otherwise they would have stopped. And there would be these relations.

And here is how to make relationships not just was in fact not collapsed and more and bring pleasure and joyful feelings to both parties?

will Propose such an algorithm), He is probably not only possible, but... effective!)

For a start has meaning ask himself, "and valuable to me in this relationship?"
" I get them?"

Maybe it's not the easiest question) And the answer is not always obvious.
Then you can ask yourself the question, what would happen if this person wasn't in your life?
just imagine that it is not. That's not all.

What will change in your life?
What do you lose from what it is now? Start to list. Trying not to miss anything. Even a little bit.
And may be then inflated such sadness... loss...

now - put it all in place!

And here's the important point - we don't always understand what they have. And when you do not understand what you own and treat as a matter of course. Not really appreciating.

And maybe you will notice something not noticed in your relationship before.
At least, will be able to look at this relationship differently. Having seen and felt it important that these relations give you.

And then you can answer the question "do I need this relationship?"
of Course, well you know, my dear readers, the answer may be "Yes" and "no")) No you have no say. And the decision will be yours.
But if the answer is Yes - "we Need them!" it makes sense, I think the different look that irritated before. Constantly keeping in mind the valuable things that you get.
And if continues to irritate and now, this we can talk ... er... more friendly)) - realizing that you get from another person something important and valuable to you. what you need and what you don't want to lose))
And then has a reason to ask yourself the following question. Do you think that other person need?
it gets in a relationship with you? And what does he want to?
Respect, acceptance, support? Joint campaigns interesting both places? Soup and fried potatoes? Partnership in business? Conversations on interesting topics? Passionate sex? Coffee in bed? What?

And what you already give? What can give more? This is valuable for you person, from whom you get something that is very important and necessary for you.
Very helpful on these topics to speak with! Not to think of each other who and what we need:) And not thinking that there would be a... itself. Itself - is formed.

Because the relationship is same - interchange. As cynical as it may sound)) And always there are two sides.

That's when this exchange is skewed, then the problems begin...
That is very desirable to notice in a timely manner. And balance - to recover.
not left, as in the saying "what we have we cannot keep, lost - weeping".

In General, we develop the wisdom!:)

I thank you for your attention!
I Will be glad to help you to deal with their relations, to obtain from them more fun.

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Galina V.

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