Тревожность: постоянно переживаю и нервничаю. Тревожное расстройство личности



- I'm constantly nervous, I keep thinking about the bad, constantly worried about loved ones or that I have something you might not be able
- and probably sleep a bad thing?
- Yes! I'm on pins and needles, constantly circling thoughts in my head, in a circle the same thing: how best to proceed it was necessary that we had to say etc. As if I just stew in my own emotions


this anxiety is not just situational, and anxiety as part of personality, which "captures" reasonable control over a part. In this state it is impossible to "off" thoughts out of my head and people are like, "immersed" in his feelings, not to resist.

There are 2 kinds of anxiety disorders (explain in simple language):

1. Excessive anxiety and worries begin to appear as a REACTION of ADAPTATION (difficulties of adaptation to a specific stressful situation). The striking form you react to any situation as a catastrophe from which there is no escape. A kind of HYPERBOLE of the situation and the inability to respond constructively to it.

2. Generalized anxiety disorder: the anxiety is CONSTANT regardless of the intensity of the event. As in the dialogue above. Anxiety occurs in any minor life circumstances, giving rise to fears, phobias, panic attacks, here are tightened and physical symptoms: sweating, starts to hurt the stomach, head, and heart palpitations.
Symptoms may appear within several weeks.

What to do with this anxiety?

Here will not happen "to cover" your as walks, sports, sleep, relaxation  (but they are a necessary component when working with anxiety!), because with this anxiety is often paired depression (sometimes even hidden), which should WORK psychologist/therapist. br>
If you feel your anxiety for longer than 3 weeks, and experience bodily symptoms (insomnia, poor appetite, sweating, irritable bowel syndrome, the emergence of obsessive actions (OCD) and thoughts) and generally apathetic emotional state-aggressive, it is strongly recommended to consult a specialist.

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