Травма свидетеля или Как помочь себе, когда вокруг происходят трагические события


In connection with the events in Kemerovo want to write about how tragedy can result in all of us.

you May remember their losses, of the loss, though not necessarily consciously, but at the level of physical sensations.

you may get a sore chest becomes heavy or irregular breathing, you can cry.. And about those who died or suffered, or to yourself.

Meeting with death is always meeting with his mortality and experiences of loss and losses.

let me Remind you, there are five stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.

Very often a person gets stuck on any one of them. Time since loss may pass by your standards, but you still don't believe, angry or suffering from depression.

it is Very possible it happened because at the time of loss you don't have the next need support.

Especially in the first stage. This is the easiest place to get frozen and go into a chronic injury.

social Workers have talked to the parents of the dead children "don't cry, the tears still needed, the worst is yet to come!".

The worst thing is that this is the usual reaction in our society.

the little People that lose the most precious - their child, he himself must pull himself together, to get together to protect themselves from a bureaucratic machine..

I hope that these parents will be the people who truly support and will get warm.

What can you do if you're involved in this tragedy?

• take Care of yourself first, especially your body, physical comfort;

• to Breathe, to feel your breath and watch him;

• talk to someone who can really listen to;

• Make a specific action, especially if you feel their helplessness in connection with the tragedy.

People in Kemerovo immediately went to donate blood, many psychologists began to conduct free psychological counseling. Perhaps you will find something that will help you to feel your life force, participation.

do Not force yourself, only if you feel the resource and energy to give, to share.

Perhaps you just want to spend more time with your family and experience your togetherness and value each other..

And most importantly, it is important to live now, any feelings that were stirred up. Give them space and time.

someone else's death is a meeting with your own life. With her fragility and the value of simple moments.

Protect yourself and your loved ones!

more about the trauma of being a witness and help when tragic events says in the same video there's also talk about movies and books that can help you survive the loss and loss.

Tairov Dinara

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