Трансгендер обладает правом выбора.


Transgender people – people whose social and biological gender do not match. Nowadays they are called transsexuals, transvestites and androgynes. This is the General concept of transgenderism, which is classified in the "subspecies"

Shemale – gender dysphoria, personality, encased in someone else's body.

Drag - Queen stremlenie nociti Odido I figuriruete V role Lisa protivopolojnoe Polo

Androgynous - a person who has the external characteristics of both sexes, which unites the two sexes, or devoid of any sexual characteristics.

Today I want to pay attention to transsexual women. Because this is a complex and deep subject, especially in our country,  where is this so hard for people to adapt to society.

Transgender people have the right to choose who to be  in this world. This is partly true, but few people understand what they're going through to harmonize your  body with an internal world that is very different from the outside.  the problem is that it is not a choice transgender, who to be, he would have wanted to stay in that body in which he was born, but unfortunately hard to accept a body in which you were born. It is very difficult sometimes to make a decision, every transgender person understands the complexity and consequences of such a step. Not always a surgery of sex reassignment ends positively.  Here nobody is insured. Also, there is a perception that transgender people do not live longer than 40 years, although now unable to say with certainty that this is not so, the world is full of transgender people who are now much more 40 years, and thankfully they are alive and healthy.  Remember one family where the child is transgender, who has been a surgical intervention. Mom of this patient very worried, in particular  that you live transgender not more than 40 years, on what the patient told her: “Let me live to be 40 years, but I will live in that body which is mine and I will live the remaining years as required by my soul, live by itself”. It has been 15 years after the operation the patient, and fortunately the patient is still alive, healthy and happy, able to adapt in this world, found themselves. Unfortunately, such a result to boast of, not everyone can, so many lives in the transgender.  This patient was helped by strong support from the mother, she told him: “I will love you any” will agree, these are the most important words in life that have launched a man lost in someone else's body, words that gave courage to pass through this difficult path. Unfortunately, not every family will meet understanding and support from parents and friends. When you don't understand people, what can we expect from the outside world? Difficult, very difficult to understand and most importantly accept that your child is transgender. This is a great work, for parents,  and for the transgender, which is already unbearable in life, and faced with the failure of our families to celebrate with all obstacles on the way to the goal. Unfortunately,  there are sad stories, stories where it ends bad for the life of the transgender person; the society, parents and a lot of problems, it is difficult to make and many can not cope and decided on irreversible step, a transgender high risk of suicide, the reasons are many, but one of the biggest – acceptance and understanding of his family  first and foremost help for transgender – it support, support from the close environment, with a strong belief that love you and support any behind grow wings, and you're ready to fight for life with the outside world, where waiting for you great obstacles.

After surgery, transgender people  have other obstacles and difficulties in life; adaptation in the social world, ability to place priorities in life, setting new goals.  It just implies  a lot of new obstacles that must be overcome.  a transgender seeing that, I don't know what's next, the first and main goal achieved, and how to live don't always understand.      

 Not every transgender person decides to do this step to make yourself go all the way to the end, someone chooses to leave everything as is, even make families, children are born, but spend all their life in a depressed state, the depressed, dissatisfied with her life, and whether happiness is such a person and happiness in his family?  in this case,  first of all, happiness in his family, the people for whom he took responsibility – children, husband or wife.  Transgender involves in its issue the third party who subsequently will face great difficulties. He tried to take on the role in that body in which he was born, ignoring my inner self, but sooner or later the internal, I will go out and fix all will be difficult. And to misunderstanding parents, added to the failure on the part of his children, wife or husband.

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